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Mark Zuckerberg Shirtless Photo Leaked On Facebook

It may not be as titillating as the leaked nude photos we’ve seen of Miranda Kerr, Snooki, and Heather Morris, but Mark Zuckerberg’s shirtless photo is still something to see.

According to Gawker, the photo was accidentally posted to Facebook by Facebook Director of Engineering Andrew Bosworth. The photo was deleted within seconds but someone was able to take a screen shot before it was removed. And now, well, it will be on the internet forever.

It’s hard to pick out the best part about the photo. Some people will revel in the fact that Zuckerberg, who is constantly being accused of invading the privacy of millions everyday Facebook, had his own privacy invaded when someone accidentally hit publish. While others will try to make up stories about what’s going on in the photo. (Are they at a pool party? Do billionaires hang out without their shirts on? Is that a topless woman lurking in the back?) And others, of course, will giggle at the fact that they’ve seen Mark Zuckerberg’s nipple.

However you want to view it, here’s the leaked photo of Mark Zuckerberg without his shirt on.

mark zuckerberg shirtless

Go ahead, share it on Facebook. I’m sure he won’t mind.