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Video: Is Olympic “Bodies In Motion” Montage Sexist?

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NBC Sports is taking “some heat” for its “Bodies in Motion” video of female Olympic team members competing in various events at the 2012 London Olympics — a montage that has raised allegations of sexism.

According to the New York Daily News

American female athletes have won the majority of U.S. medals during the London Olympic Games, but NBC is apparently most impressed with their bodies – especially when scantily clad…

All the athletes in the video compete in sports that require little clothing, and the camera angles chosen for the video seem especially fond of the ladies’ midriffs, décolletage and, of course, posteriors.

Along these same lines, the Jezebel website really, really takes a dim view of the montage set to “soft porn music” especially since in the all-important international competition in London itself, US female Olympians have so far won 23 of the America’s 33 gold medals: “NBC is too busy focusing on jiggling ladies’ asses to notice ladies kicking ass.”

Given the success of America’s female athletes, the website also notes that “NBC’s quest to win the gold medal in the sexist pig decathlon is especially disappointing when you consider the dozens of more worthwhile stories they could be showcasing with video. ”

Do you think that the criticism of the Bodies in Motion video is justified? Do you think it “reveals” NBC’s true sexist agenda?

This particular video seems to have been removed from the NBC Olympics website, but check it out here and decide for yourself if it’s too over the top.

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7 Responses to “Video: Is Olympic “Bodies In Motion” Montage Sexist?”

  1. Scott Velasquez

    how was that sexual? change the music and see if its the same. people just associate that music to porn movies.

  2. Anonymous

    Not to mention, if it was a video of men, it would have been followed by a beer commercial and nobody would have said anything.

  3. Gus Feleccia

    since when did the blues become "soft porn music"? Soe people will just always find something to complain about I guess.

  4. Anonymous

    What a stupid article. This is what these trained athletes do! The hard work, flops, blocks, jumps, aces, power shots, etc. is why t hey are olympiads.

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