Golden Essences launches Raspberry Ketone Pure 250

Raspberry Ketone Supplement Launched By Golden Essence

Skincare company Golden Essence has launched RK Pure 250, a natural raspberry ketone supplement that is designed to burn fat without stimulants. The company also makes Raspberry Ketone Body Lotion.

Golden Essence says RK Pure 250 is made from 100 percent pure raspberry ketone, which is the primary aroma compound in red raspberries. The company’s website says that, in order to get enough raspberry ketone to have a fat burning effect, a person would have to consume 90 pounds of raspberries. However, each capsule contains 250mg of the ingredient and, when taken twice a day, is enough to help the body burn fat efficiently.

The company also makes a paraben- and oil-free raspberry ketone lotion that supposedly burns fat and has anti-aging properties that help increase skin elasticity and prevent UV sun damage. Golden Essence recommends using the two products together for maximum benefits.

Raspberry ketone has seen a jump in popularity since Dr. Oz did a segment on it in February. It has been touted as a miracle fat burner, but many have dismissed the product as a fad, and, as with any “miracle” product, stores haven’t been able to keep with the demand. Of course, there can be numerous imitators trying to make a profit from the “next big thing,” so dieters looking to try the product should do their research first to make sure they’re getting the real thing.

So far, all of the studies proving raspberry ketone’s effectiveness have been done on rodents or on cells in test tubes and not on humans. Melinda Manore, professor of nutrition at Oregon State University, said that weight-loss supplements that haven’t been tested on humans often don’t have the same real world effects. Manore said she would not recommend the product until there is evidence that it works.

Have you tried, or will you try, raspberry ketone for weight loss?