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Chimp Attack Victim Charla Nash Trying To Sue Environmental Agency For $115 Million [Graphic Images]

Hartford, CT – Chimp attack survivor and the first face transplant patient in the world, Charla Nash, is attempting to sue the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The Nash lawsuit seeks $115 million from the state for not seizing the chimpanzee which attacked and nearly killed her three years ago. After Nash was tragically mauled by a chimp, she had to undergo a face transplant, endure an extended stay in a nursing home, and now takes 17 medications a day, The New York Post reports.

In 2009, Charla Nash was attacked by a 200-pound chimp owned by a friend. The chimp attack victim’s friend asked for her aid luring “Travis” the primate back into her home. The exotic pet ripped off Nash’s lips, eyelids, nose, and hands before police officers put down the exotic animal. Nash underwent a double hand transplant last year, but the hands “failed to thrive” and were eventually removed. She was also blinded in the exotic animal attack.

Charla Nash has been jumping through miles of red tape to garner permission from a state commissioner to actually sue the state of Connecticut. Nash feels the governmental agency is responsible for the chimp attack, which caused the need for a face transplant and other serious bodily injuries. Nash’s attorney Charles Willinger maintains his client has medical bills totaling in the millions from her medical procedures and prescriptions.

charla nash chimp attack lawsuit