Alabama Nightclub Shooting

Alabama Nightclub Shooting: 3 Dead, 4 Injured

Wicksburg, AL – Twenty-two-year-old Ryan Peterson of Alabama was arrested during the early morning hours of Friday; he was wanted in the midnight shooting at the nightclub Teaser’s in Wicksburg.

The shooting at the nightclub left three people dead and a fourth person injured.

Police engaged in air and ground efforts to find the suspect.

Houston County Coroner Robert Byrd confirmed the three deaths, which he says were caused by gunshot wounds to the abdomen and chest areas.

Police claim the shooting occurred after several customers at the club became engaged in an arguement.

According to the Houston Country Sheriff’s office, Peterson was believed to have been thrown out of the club at which point he went to his car, picked up a gun, and then returned to the nightclub where he opened fire on its patrons.

The town of Wicksburg is just west of Dothan and approximately 100 miles southeast of Montgomery.

No further details about the shooting or Peterson’s motives are available at this time.

News of the shooting comes only hours after some conservative political pundits began to claim that President Obama was secretly preparing to issue an executive order regarding gun control. The new law would require full background checks and a wait period for the purchase of all guns.

Police in the Peterson case plan to release a statement later in the day.

More to follow as this story receives updated information.

Do you think gun control is becoming necessary given the number of recent attacks on innocent people?

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