Tyrann Mathieu Has Strong Words For Alleged Killer Of NFL Star

The death of Will Smith, who played defensive end for the New Orleans Saints, has shocked many. Tyrann Mathieu, the defensive back for the Arizona Cardinals, took to Twitter to call out Smith’s alleged killer.

According to NBC Sports, Mathieu said that he knows Cardell Hayes, who was charged on Sunday with second-degree murder in the death of Smith over an alleged incident of road rage. Hayes, who was, at one point, a top high school football player in New Orleans, is said to have rear-ended Smith’s vehicle.

“I know that dude, he been a hating a** coward,” said Mathieu. “Never knew he’d grow up to be a killer tho…. May you get what you deserve coward.”

Prior to this, Mathieu tweeted “RIP WILL SMITH,” on Sunday morning around 12:30 a.m. after hearing about Smith’s death, as reported by Nola.com.

However, Mathieu wasn’t finished with his tweets, as he offered his thoughts on the Big Easy’s culture which he believes is violent and offers very little opportunities for young people.

Tyrann Mathieu said that its better to handle a situation like an adult, and “not like cowards,” according to UPI. He also noted that it’s “cool” to be a father and provide for children, rather than to drop an album.

“All they have is music to influence them, and if you listen closely to music now a days, it’s brainwashing them to believe drugs and killing,” wrote Mathieu, who noted that public parks in the city have overgrown grass and basketball hoops missing both rims and nets.

Mathieu continued, “Until y’all get them crooks out of office and until y’all give these kids something constructive to do, the violence will continue to grow!”

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Will Smith, of the New Orleans Saints seen here at a November 2010 game in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

According to the Washington Post, it would seem that Tyrann Mathieu knows a thing or two about handling rough situations.

He was not only abandoned by his mother, but his father is currently serving a prison sentence for murder. On top of this, he’s been through rehab, an arrest for marijuana possession, and being kicked off of Louisiana State University’s football team in 2012. One of Mathieu’s tweets sums all this up brilliantly.

“Cool is facing adversity and having GOD having a place in your heart and world,” said Mathieu, in the tweet.

Meanwhile, other NFL players and Will Smith’s Saints teammates shared their condolences on social media during the early hours of Sunday morning following Smith’s death.

“Devastated. Lord please be with the Smith family at this tragic time. Nonsense man…,” tweeted Mark Ingram, of the Saints.

“A senseless and tragic loss,” said Greg Bensel, the Saints’ vice president of communications in a tweet on Sunday morning.

He continued, “Our thoughts and prayers are with Will Smith – his wife Racquel – his children William, Wynter and Lisa.”

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Tyrann Mathieu celebrating during a December 2015 Arizona Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles game in Philadelphia. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Recently, it was reported by CBS Sports that Tyrann Mathieu, who goes by the moniker of “Honey Badger,” is currently recovering from a torn ACL that he first tore in December, 2015. This is the second torn ACL he’s had in his career.

“They’re having to hold him back,” said Larry Fitzgerald, one of Mathieu’s Cardinals teammates. “He heals like Wolverine. He’s so passionate and we love him dearly.

“We don’t know if Mathieu is rushing, but he definitely seems to be moving quickly,” said Josh Alper of NBC Sports.

“A quick Wikipedia search tells me Wolverine is a quick healer, considering he has an entire section dedicated to his healing powers,” said Sean Wagner-McGough, a writer for CBS Sports.

Tyrann Mathieu, is optimistic about his recovery and boldly predicts he will continue to play football for 12 to 15 more years.

“I just tell people to relax. It’s going to be all right,” said Mathieu.

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