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WWE Rumors: Update On The Bullet Club’s Start Date – Finn Balor, Doc Gallows, And Karl Anderson Are Coming

For a couple of years now, Finn Balor has been dominating NXT and is currently the champion after retaining the belt against Samoa Joe last week. In January, AJ Styles debuted on the WWE main roster and is now the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title held by Roman Reigns. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, former Bullet Club members, have yet to debut, but they’re coming and they are coming soon.

Even before it was known that Gallows and Anderson were going to WWE, Balor has been teasing their arrival. WWE still has not made any official word that the two former Bullet Club members have been signed, but it’s pretty much a given.

Most recently, Finn Balor was at an NXT Live Event, and as WrestleZone pointed out, he decided to have some fun. Balor took a sign from a fan in the crowd and asked the question that has been on everyone’s mind.

Gallows actually tweeted a pic of Balor and had a fun response to go along with it.

Yes, it seems like only a matter of time and Doc Gallows is ready to get back to work in WWE, but he won’t be alone. Karl Anderson is ready too and he let that be known. Wrestling Inc. pointed out that Anderson was playing along too.

Back in late February, both Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson had their final appearances for NJPW and said goodbye to the fans and company. Anderson even told a live crowd that he would be heading to WWE and hoped to make as big an impact there as he had with them.

In the past couple of weeks, there have been a lot of signs that Gallows and Anderson would be debuting for WWE soon.

wwe rumors bullet club finn balor karl anderson doc gallows debut main roster NXT aj styles
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Both were shown working out in the WWE/NXT Performance Center in Orlando. Both were backstage at NXT Takeover: Dallas and then at WrestleMania 32. It was expected that they were going to debut the next night on Monday Night Raw, but that rumor faded out and nothing ever happened.

So, when are they coming?

Finn Balor pays attention to what is written online, and he keeps teasing that the former Bullet Club members are coming. As WWE likes to keep things as much of a surprise as possible, Balor has recently addressed that situation as well.

The biggest rumors said that Balor was going to be called up to the WWE main roster soon and that Anderson and Gallows would debut with him. Together, the trio would form some sort of stable called “Balor Club” or “Bulletproof Balor Club” to represent the stable they used to be members of in NJPW.

One of the latest big rumors is that Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows will debut on the WWE main roster and actually join forces with AJ Styles, another former Bullet Club member. As Styles is going after Roman Reigns, some think this could lead to The Shield reuniting and taking on the former Bullet Club members.

WWE pays attention to what is being said online and in forums so they’re going to do whatever they can to switch that up. They don’t want things spoiled or predictable so these debuts could happen at any time.

Four former members of The Bullet Club in NJPW have joined WWE within the last few months even though two haven’t been officially announced yet. One is on the main roster and one is the NXT Champion. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson are coming soon and they’re going to partner up with someone, but will it be AJ Styles, Finn Balor, or both? Also, when will it be?

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