Naked Fisherman Rescued

Naked Fisherman Rescued From Sharks Off The Coast Of Western Australia

A naked fisherman has been pulled from the ocean during a dramatic rescue off the coast of Western Australia, according to The Daily Mail. Another man was also found in the area, though he later died after being taken back to shore. Presently, a third individual is still missing.

When three men failed to return from a fishing trip, authorities began their quest to track them down. After locating the naked guy floating in the ocean, their focus shifted to pulling him out of the water. However, what officials hadn’t prepared for was the giant hammerhead shark that was circling the area.

Channel Seven reporter Grant Taylor was on the helicopter that first spotted the nude man, and dramatically relayed details as the story unfolded. “When we first spotted him, one of the scariest things was there was a massive hammerhead shark not 20 metres away from him, just slowly circling around him,” he said.

The naked fisherman, who also suffered injuries during the accident, was clearly in a panic. Although he attempted to wave the helicopter down, there was ultimately nothing the pilot could do for the man. An inflatable raft was dropped into the water near the guy, though it floated away before he was able to climb aboard.

As a search and rescue vessel closed in, the man began praying, oblivious to the fact that was help was on its way. “He just keeps putting his hands together praying, but he doesn’t realise there’s a boat just right behind him as we speak right now,” Taylor explained as the scene played out. “Come on mate, just turn around and have a look, you’re saved. He’s yelling ‘help’.”

The Telegraph reports that the unnamed individual was rescued before the hammerhead could close in. He’s expected to survive the ordeal. However, details surrounding the accident, or why the fisherman was naked, are currently few and far between.