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Melissa McCarthy, Jimmy Fallon Provide The Best 10-Minute Video On The Internet

Melissa McCarthy and Jimmy Fallon provided one of the more memorable segments on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week, thanks to their hilarious Lip Sync Battle, Entertainment Weekly reported.

As part of her promotional tour for her movie, The Boss, which hit theaters this weekend, Melissa McCarthy stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to chat with its host. After a commercial break, the show resumed with Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy going head-to- head in the lip sync battle for the ages.

Jimmy Fallon went first, singing the 1971 hit song “Brand New Key” by Melanie. Always the entertainer, Jimmy Fallon made sure to pantomime his roller skating skills, or lack thereof, while singing.

Next up was Melissa McCarthy, who channeled her inner rapper with “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” by DMX. She was emphatic and often a little angry, which made it all the more comical.

For the second round of the lip sync battle, Jimmy Fallon performed Zayn Malik’s “Pillowtalk.” Not to be outdone, Jimmy Fallon actually got down on the floor and laid on a pillow. It was a hit as Jimmy Fallon laid down a challenge to Melissa McCarthy to step it up one notch more.

“Colors Of The Wind” from Disney’s 1995 film Pocahontas was her final selection, and Melissa McCarthy was in it to win it. She began by donning safety glasses, and it soon became apparent why. Throughout the song, Melissa McCarthy was hit with leaves, sprayed with water, and finally blasted with glitter. By the end, she could barely see. Jimmy Fallon was also sprayed with some wayward glitter.

Jimmy Fallon put up a good fight, but Melissa McCarthy was the clear winner of Monday’s lip sync battle. Melissa McCarthy not only is winning at the lip sync battles, she’s also winning in life as the actress recently debuted her slimmer look. Melissa McCarthy is credited with losing 75 pounds, according to a recent Inquisitr article.

The lip sync battle was first introduced to The Tonight Show by British comedic actor Stephen Merchant, who came on the show in 2013. According to Bustle, the idea arose from a brainstorming session between Stephen Merchant and actors and married couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. As the segment grew in popularity on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, a standalone hour-long version of Lip Sync Battle was then pitched to networks. Ultimately, NBC turned it down and the show now airs on Spike TV.

Lip Sync Battle has become a phenomenon, thanks to the fact that the show has been able to attract big name stars. Dwayne Johnson, Anna Kendrick, and Channing Tatum are superstars that have all appeared on the show. Often, as is the case with Channing Tatum, the singer of the chosen song will actually make an appearance as well. Beyonce came to sing with Channing Tatum, making it a classic episode of Lip Sync Battle.

Jimmy Fallon is a producer on the show Lip Sync Battle, but keeps a relatively low profile with the show. He continues to have guests perform the bit on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, including Ellen DeGeneres late last year.

In fact, the lip sync battle proved once again that Melissa McCarthy is one of Hollywood’s funniest actors. She is a triple threat in the film industry, consistently working as not only an actor but also a writer and producer as well. Her latest movie, The Boss, was written by herself and husband and director Ben Falcone.

Melissa McCarthy will star in the upcoming remake of Ghostbusters, which hits theaters this summer. Melissa McCarthy will also be seen on the revival of the Gilmore Girls TV show, where she got her acting break playing chef Sookie and best friend to Lorelai Gilmore. The show will air four 90-minute episodes on Netflix later this year.

While we know what Melissa McCarthy is up to this year, just who will next appear with Jimmy Fallon for the next lip sync battle is anyone’s guess.

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