New Tech Allows Customers Pay Using Fingerprints, End Times Prophecy Or Communist Take Over?

New Tech Allows Customers To Pay Using Fingerprints, Sign Of End Times Or Communist Takeover?

The Japanese government is introducing new technology that will enable customers to access their bank accounts and credit cards with their fingerprint, but the new system is raising fears about biblical End Times prophecies.

The new fingerprint currency is set to be tested this summer, and the Japanese government hopes to have the system online for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The new technnology requires customer to have their identity verified before they can use the fingerprint currency system with approved merchants; shoppers will merely have to place two fingers on a scanner to spend their money.

The Japanese government hopes the new system will ease fears over credit and debit card fraud, replace the passport for identification and make tourists safer, according to Japan News.

The system has been well received by customers, including those with children, since it saves them the trouble of taking their wallets out. The system is also superior in the area of security, such as preventing people from impersonating our customers.

Critics, however, worry the new fingerprint currency could be one of the biblical signs of the End of Days foretold in the Book of Revelations or a tool used to allow corporations to track the movements and spending habits of an entire country.

End Times prophecies predict every person on earth will be forced to wear the Mark of the Beast to show their allegiance to the Antichrist. It’s generally accepted by many biblical scholars that proof of this mark will be necessary in order to purchase food, clothes and housing.

The creation of a cashless society that uses digital currency makes this all the more possible; customers who can only pay for products by scanning themselves could easily lead to the implantation of devices that could bear The Mark, according to EndTimesTruth.

Indeed, there is now good evidence that the development of the Antichrist’s economic system is already in the final stages of implementation.

This End Times prediction comes as no surprise to biblical scholars, however; many have long associated events taking place today with those described in the Book of Revelations, which describes the end of the Earth.

Indeed, most evangelical Christians in America believe we are already going through the End of Times, the last period before Christ returns to Earth, according to The Daily Beast.

Christian media icon Glenn Beck has said Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was anointed by God at birth to guide America through these last days.

Other critics, who don’t support the end times philosophy, worry data gathered from fingerprint currency could be tracked, gathered and sold to the highest bidding corporation.

Without the ability to use cash or opt out of tracking systems, corporations would be able to track every purchase made in the country, according to ZeroHedge.

While the idea of fingerprint ID-ing authorization makes perfect sense from a security perspective, the requirement of fingerprinting an entire nation (or those who want to spend or retrieve cash) is yet one more step towards the totalitarian control of the final step in the central planners’ arsenal.

What do you think of Japan’s new digital fingerprint currency system?

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