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Double Trouble: Identical Twin Brothers Opt For Plastic Surgery After Wedding Identical Twin Sisters

After holding his sister-in-law’s hand after dinner, one of a pair of identical twin brothers decided minor plastic surgery was the answer to their problems.

This is definitely a case of seeing double, as identical twin brothers in China are having problems being told apart, even after their marriage to identical twin sisters.

Reportedly friends and family of both halves of the equation are constantly complaining that they cannot tell the identical twin brothers apart and after the incident when out at dinner one evening, when one of the brothers found he was holding the hand of his sister-in-law and not his wife, they decided something had to be done.

The two men, Zhao Xin, and his slightly younger brother, Zhao Zun, hail from a village in Yhuncheng City in Shanxi Province. Ever since the identical twin brothers started dating twin sisters, Yun Fei and Yun Yang, it has caused endless problems for their relatives and friends.

Reportedly, even when the two couples got married over the Chinese New Year, both the couples and their parents had to keep double-checking to ensure they were not marrying the wrong partner.

Both pairs of identical twins are aged 22, and reportedly both are so alike that people cannot tell them apart. Even their voices are the same, and it seems their taste in marriage partners is identical, too.

Reportedly in the more conservative Chinese societies, plastic surgery is considered to be taboo. However, despite that fact, both the couples — and their families — believe a minor adjustment to one of their features would be a good idea.

According to the Mirror Online, a hospital in Shanghai in eastern China has agreed to take on the case and will make minor adjustments to the appearance of the identical twins to make it easier to tell them apart.

It seems the idea of identical twin brothers marrying equally identical sisters is nothing new. In a story dating back to November last year, a pair of identical twin brothers, Dinker and Dilraj Varikkassery, set out to find the perfect wives, by seeking out identical twin sisters as brides. Apparently, the two brothers decided while they were still at school that when they wed, it would be to identical sisters.

Five years ago, the brothers decided it was time to start looking and get ready to settle down. They placed an ad in a local newspaper to aid in their search for the perfect identical brides.

According to Dinker, many proposals came their way after placing the ads, but there was a problem. “The twins were not identical enough. Also, we had to find twins who came from the similar family backgrounds,” he said.

According to the Daily Mail, they finally tracked down the perfect identical twin sisters, Reena and Reema, and got wed in Thrissur in India’s Kerala State.

However, not satisfied with merely having the perfect identical brides, they even took things further by having identical twin page boys, flower girls, and even priests officiating at the wedding.

As reported by the Inquisitr, there was another story that made people almost see double, when identical twin sisters gave birth to their babies six minutes apart and in the same hospital.

While in this case Stephanie Edginton and Nicole Montgomery hadn’t married twin brothers, the chance of giving birth so close to each other in the same hospital ranks up there pretty high in the unusual stakes, especially as the babies weren’t due to be born on the same date.

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