OJ's ex is trying to sell her sex tape... except it doesn't star OJ

OJ Simpson’s Ex Shopping A Sex Tape: Shockingly, No One Is Buying

OJ Simpson is trying his darnedest to improve his public image from inside the can, but we’re guessing that the idea floated by one of his ex-girlfriends doesn’t exactly jive with that plan. Simpson’s most recent girlfriend is now shopping a sex tape to various porn companies.

Christie Prody, who dated OJ for 13 years before he was hauled off to the slammer, is shopping the homemade tape to porn-peddlers at Vivid Entertainment among other places. Perhaps surprisingly, no offers have been made just yet, according to The Hollywood Gossip. This is probably because the sex tape doesn’t star Prody and The Juice. Her co-star in the grainy film is some other guy – her rebound guy – following her split from OJ when he was put in jail. For a girl who stood by her man pretty much from the infamous murder trial up until his most recent sports memorabilia and kidnapping shenanigans, it’s a pretty cold move.

“No word on if he used a glove,” TMZ humorously noted.

In other news, 37-year-old Prody is also allegedly planning to plead guilty to charges of second degree burglary and fifth degree drug possession for the theft of prescription meds from patients – while she worked for them as an in-home nurse, according to Twirlit. Aside from the obvious ethical concerns and build-up of negative karma, Prody could face prison for the charges, or at least a mandatory drug treatment program for the stealing of prescription pills from the home of a Moorhead couple.

Isn’t there some cliche about loser-y people finding their way to each other?