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‘How To Repair A Door’ Video Shows Correct Steps To Follow Until You See The Ending

Do you know how to repair a door?

Door repair — and other home improvement projects — have trended online for years. A vast number of consumers, especially frugal homeowners that enjoy DIY projects instead of hiring contractors and professionals, rely heavily on “how-to” articles, videos, and online resources for these types of projects.

However, the popular YouTube Channel “HowToBasic” apparently took a different approach to the standard “How-To” video when it came to teaching viewers how to repair a door.

The now-viral video starts off by showing the result of a common incident that happens in homes and other buildings around the world on a regular basis: the door has a big hole in it.

When it comes to taking the proper steps to repair a door, most people know that clearing away the debris from the hole in the door is always going to be the first big step. You have to clear the debris completely long before you can work on the actual hole and get it patched properly.

In the video, the hole is even lightly sanded and filed to make the surface as smooth as possible before moving forward to the next step. The wire screen is placed directly over the hole, essentially creating a net to cover the hole and keep everything leveled with the surface of the wall. To repair a door that has a hole in it, many experienced homeowners already know that Spackle becomes a necessity once that hole is patched, especially if you want to restore the door’s appearance as much as possible. That step is not skipped in the viral “how to repair a door” video either. The footage even shows the user opening a can of enamel paint to finish the job.

At this point of the footage, the video description posted by the YouTube channel seemed accurate. Most people that are looking for an affordable way to repair a door — such as when there is a hole that needs to be patched — can learn a lot from the clip.

“This technique works incredibly well on all types of doors as well as all types of damage. No matter how big the damage is this technique will work. Have a Cracked, Chipped, Scratched, Damaged door? Want to easily fix it yourself? Don’t want to spend a fortune on paying someone to fix it? This video is for you! The best part is you don’t have to be a trained carpenter to fix a door! Simply follow the easy step by step instructions & your door will look brand new in no time. Now there’s no need to worry about the next rent inspection!”

However, that is the moment of the “repair a door” video when things apparently take an awkward turn for the worse. Moments after he is finished repairing the door, the man in the video applies a few more strokes of paint. Instead of ending the video there with a full look at the repaired door, the user literally destroys the door on camera.

Using an ax, he completely destroys the door one swing at a time, taking it far beyond the minor damage that it had before he even started. He takes all of the remaining pieces of the door and tosses them into a tub. Like icing on a cake, the man then takes the enamel paint that he used to initially paint the repaired spot on the door and simply pours it over the broken pieces.

One of the last things that viewers see before the 54-second clip comes to an abrupt end is the man’s left hand. Even though it is covered in paint, he manages to throw up a “thumbs up” to the camera and that is how the “instructional” video ends.

Chances are that most people won’t necessarily follow all of the steps outlined in this viral “How to Repair a Door” video. However, it does play out a fantasy that some people have when it comes to demolishing doors and other parts of a home’s interior.

[Image Credit: Adobe Stock]