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Woman Grows Fingernails On Head Instead Of Hair

shanya isom fingernails

Memphis, TN – Shanya Isom has a rare skin condition which causes fingernails to grow on her head instead of hair. In 2009, Isom had an adverse reaction to asthma steroid medication which caused her skin to darken, bumps to develop on her legs, and fingernails to grow on her head. Doctors are unable to diagnose the disease that causes Shanyna Isom’s skin follicles to spur nail growth and not hair, according to the Huffington Post.

Isom’s Memphis doctors have attempted a multitude of treatments to stop the criminal justice student from growing nails on her head without success. Shanya Isom has undergone rounds of medication designed to help eczema and staph infections without any improvement.

Desperate to find out why fingernails were growing on her head, Isom underwent tests at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Doctors discovered that Shanyna’s hair follicles were creating a dozen times as many skin cells as hair cells. The treatments which began at John Hopkins improved the young woman’s quality of life at least slightly.

“They’ve tested me from A to Z and everything was coming back negative. I couldn’t sit up, I couldn’t walk. Now I can walk with a cane and sometimes I can walk on my own,” Shanyna Isom told WAFB.

Isom’s medical bills to attempt to diagnose and treat the fingernails growing on her head have already reached at least $250,000. Shanyna has to take 17 medications a day to prevent increased nail growth on her head; her state-issued insurance card covers just five of the medications, according to the New York Daily News. Shanyna Isom believes she is the only person in the world who has fingernails growing on her head and has created the S.A.I. Foundation to raise money her own medical bills and to help others who could eventually suffer from the same nail growing condition.

nails growing on head – Jackson, MS

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14 Responses to “Woman Grows Fingernails On Head Instead Of Hair”

  1. Kim Dearing

    I feel very strongly this is a demonic attack on her body.

  2. Kenus Lee

    Kim, I don't know you but I am Prophet Kenus Lee and this is exactly what it is. The Lord spoke the same thing to me as I was reading news article. This is the work of the Enemy, witch craft.

  3. Kim Dearing

    I wouldn't kid about something that serious, but there is help for her Jesus Christ put all powers of darkness under His feet. If she is a child of God , he has no right there. If she is not, she can be. Jesus came to seekand save all who were lost. Salvation is a lot more than a ticket to heaven. It includes healing , deliverance and much more. Godbless.

  4. Aaron Clay

    Kim Dearing I seriously hope you figure out how science works. Nina, thanks for some sad comedy for me today 😛

  5. Kim Dearing

    Aaron , I believe in science –God created it and put the knowledge of it in man. There is the spiritual realm also, where all things come from and that is what makes it more real than the natural. The natural is subject to change. Gods' way of doing things never change. What do you care? If I am correct on this and she gets the help she needs through prayer and ministry it doesn't mean Drs. are not or can not be useful too. If it was me I would be open to anything thatwould solve the problem. I'm glad you were entertained but this isn't about that or you.

  6. Joanna Daraskavich

    hahaha! what?! Demonic? Oh, dear…. this is science and nothing else. religion is hogwash and u 2 are prime examples! LOL

  7. Joanna Daraskavich

    This is so disgusting and I wouldn't wish this on anyone! well, maybe some people I hate, but that's all 😉 but seriously, I would be so miserable if ths were me. so, a "god" had a plan to make her this way? I think not! and Kim from below…. you're a quack job! you'll see whn u die and there isn't anything, then you all will know.

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