Dems have already dug up dirt on Romney's VP pick

Democrats Dig Up Dirt On Mitt Romney’s Potential Veeps

Election season is night, and the Democrats are already hard at work digging up dirt on Mitt Romney’s potential running mate. Whoever the veep may be, political figures on the left have all of their skeletons out of the closet and waiting for them.

Though Mitt Romney has yet to pick a running mate (or at least announce the veep to the general public) speculation has helped Democrats put together a short list of potentials to dig up dirt on. After all, the Democrats are going to need to convince voters that Romney’s VP is bad news by pulling out every sound byte and bad policy move in each candidate’s closet (this isn’t an anti-Democrat partisan issue, either – Republicans are just as guilty).

Dems have reportedly gathered plenty of information on each candidate already, and have wasted zero time getting that information out, notes Newser. So what do the Dems have to say to sway your opinion in a stubbornly close presidential election? According to emails sent out to donors and supporters, “Americans need to know” that Tim Pawlenty is a “fee-raiser” with a record that made life tough for middle-class families. They also need to know Rob Portman is one of the original architects of the “top-down Bush budget.” Marco Rubio leads on the extreme issues Romney is known for. Chris Christie? Nothing specific, but they say there’s “no lack of material to work with,” according to the Associated Press.

Assisting Team Obama is a Washington-based super PAC that has already gathered over 1,500 pages’ worth of dirt on Romney’s likeliest veeps. The information includes statements, voting records, even personal preferences that might paint a candidate in a poor light. “You don’t want to start too soon,” says the PAC head, “but you don’t want to be in a situation where there’s 80 days until the election and everything is being jammed in so much that things are being lost.”