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Jeremy Lin Skypes With Distraught 5-Year-Old Knicks Fan

At 5-years-old, it’s hard to understand why players occasionally move from team to team. So when Jeremy Lin, the breakout star of the 2012 NBA season, decided to leave the New York Knicks for the Houston Rockets, a generation of young New Yorkers were heart-broken.

One of those children was 5-year-old Naim.

According to The Celebrity Cafe, Naim’s father posted a video on Youtube shortly after Lin signed his $25 million contract with the Houston Rockets. The video shows the young boy, carrying a giant foam finger, crying over the loss of Lin.

The former New York Knicks star saw the video on Youtube and decided to contact the little boy.

The boy’s father writes on Youtube:

“My 5 year old Naim was devastated by the Knicks deciding NOT to match Jeremy Lin’s offer sheet from the Houston Rockets, the video reached many viewers and also reached Jeremy Lin. Jeremy was so touched by the original video that he decided to reach out to us and offer a skype virtual meet with Naim. Naim was so shy 🙂 he made me do all the talking. Thanks again Jeremy hopefully we’ll see you at the bb game when we welcome you back to The Garden.”

Here’s the original video of Naim heartbroken after Lin’s departure.

Here’s the video of Lin trying to cheer up his young fan.

What do you think about Jeremy Lin’s attempt to cheer up his fan?

Earlier this year, Brandon Jacobs found himself in a similar situation. A young Giants fan sent Jacobs $3.36 when he found out that the running back left New York for more money. Jacobs was touched by the gesture and decided to visit the kid’s home and party with his friends in a bounce house. He also gave the young fan his $3.36 back.