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Louis Tomlinson: Are One Direction Fans Really ‘Crazy’ About Babygate?

Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth had a baby son in January. One Direction star Louis fathered the baby boy with Jungwirth, an L.A.-based stylist with whom he had the briefest of relationships. That, at least, is the official story about how Tomlinson became the first One Direction star to have a baby. Let’s face it: Tomlinson would hardly be the first celebrity to find himself in such a pickle after a one-night-stand. What makes Tomlinson’s situation unique is that many of Louis’ fans have smelled a rat right from the beginning of the story.

For those who have not followed Tomlinson’s baby story, let me briefly recap. Between February and October last year, Louis was on tour with One Direction. In March, Tomlinson split from his then girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. During a break in One Direction’s tour, Louis had a stopover in L.A., where he allegedly met Jungwirth in a nightclub. After Louis and Briana were “papped” together on a number of occasions, Louis recommenced his tour and Briana dropped out of sight.

We thought that would be the end of Tomlinson’s involvement with Jungwirth, but that was not to be. In July, the Sun’s U.S. editor broke the story that Jungwirth was pregnant with Louis’ child. Now, it is fair to say that One Direction fans do not have a high opinion of the Sun; the U.K. tabloid has printed numerous stories about Tomlinson and One Direction that fans believe are untrue. Fan suspicion was raised to a higher level still when it was realized that the paper’s U.S. editor, Pete Samson, just happens to be married to Anne-Marie Samson, Simon Cowell’s head of PR.

Ms Samson’s Linkedin profile shows that she learned the PR business working for Max Clifford, a pedophile who the BBC reports is serving an eight-year prison sentence for sexually abusing children. It has been widely reported that Simon Cowell paid Clifford a huge retainer to “manage the news” regarding acts that Cowell worked with. Of course, Tomlinson and One Direction are among those acts.

The news about Tomlinson’s fatherhood was widely believed to have been a PR stunt by One Direction fans. Many believed that the whole baby Tomlinson story was a fantasy and claimed there was no baby. Tomlinson’s refusal to discuss the matter hardly helped matters. To date, neither Tomlinson nor his representatives have mentioned Briana Jungwirth’s name in public, and there has never been an official statement. Not even after Freddie Tomlinson was born at the end of January.

Since then, both Tomlinson and Jungwirth have posted pictures of Freddie Tomlinson on social media, but many fans simply do not believe that the baby is real. Earlier this week, it was reported in The Inquisitr that some fans believe that Tomlinson has been photographed pushing a stroller around L.A. that contains a doll, not a real baby. Others claim that photos of Tomlinson holding his son are fake because some of Tomlinson’s tattoo’s are missing from the pictures.

Fans also think it odd that none of Louis’ bandmates has visited Louis son, nor did they even post messages of congratulations on social media. Some fans even look back to video of Tomlinson kicking a doll off stage and declaring “it’s not real” days before the news of Briana’s pregnancy broke.

It would take weeks to compile all of the evidence that many One Direction fans believe proves that Tomlinson’s baby story has been faked to support some as yet unclear end. Some fans now believe that whoever in Tomlinson’s team is responsible for what has become known as “babygate” is now trying to throw fans of the scent by leaking pictures of a real baby.

Some fans have pointed out that pictures of Louis with Freddie are remarkably similar to pictures of actor Horacio Pancheri with his son.

Others believe that one of Anne-Marie Samson’s twins has been used as a prop to “prove” that Louis’ son is real. The problem is that Anne-Marie’s twins are a few months older than Freddie Tomlinson.

Fans have also picked up on the fact that Louis’ baby also seems to share a striking number of characteristics with baby Samson.

It seems almost impossible to believe that Tomlinson would allow himself to be drawn into a PR stunt of such complexity that is bound to be exposed. It now seems that at least some media outlets are beginning to brand Louis’ fans as “crazy” in an effort to discredit their theories. Today the Daily Star claims that “One Direction fans have an insane conspiracy theory that ‘Louis Tomlinson’s baby is fake.'” They then go on to report that the evidence compiled by Tomlinson fans is “pretty convincing.”

Teen Vogue also outlined a host of things that Tomlinson fans say simply do not add up. Let’s be totally frank for a moment: it is almost impossible to believe that Tomlinson or his team would be stupid enough to involve Louis in a stunt of this magnitude. It is almost impossible to fathom what exactly Tomlinson, his management, or anyone else would gain from choreographing such an elaborate stunt. Yet through it all, neither Louis nor his team has made a clear and unequivocal statement about the matter.

We know that Louis is aware of the controversy, as members of the Tomlinson family have hit out at fans for claiming that Louis baby is fake. Despite that, Tomlinson has done nothing to close down the rumors.

The thing that Tomlinson fans keep coming back to is the fact that Louis could easily have nipped these rumors in the bud when the story first broke. All Tomlinson had to do was make a clear statement in an interview, yet he chose not to do so. Louis should be well aware that, in today’s world, secrets rarely stay buried.

There can be no doubt that this whole story is bizarre and crazy, but the longer it rumbles on, the more you begin to wonder just exactly who is crazy.

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