Quiet weekend: Miley Cyrus reported dead again

Reports of fake celebrity deaths have become commonplace over weekends, but one fake death rumor keeps raising it’s head: the Miley Cyrus is dead rumor.

According to the rumor, which probably now counts as an urban legend, Miley Cyrus died in a car crash in Los Angeles at the weekend. The rumor often makes claims such as TMZ broke the story. There’s even a photograph allegedly showing Miley dead; sadly for the family involved the pictures are of a girl named Nikki Catsouras who was decapitated in a car accident last year.

But because we haven’t finished yet, who can leave out the Miley Cyrus obituary videos on YouTube. The videos, often the same ones as the last time the rumor surfaced are reuploaded to appear nice and fresh…like Miley just died.

Without even the smallest amount of doubt, Miley Cyrus is not dead.