Does Justin Bieber Support Donald Trump?

No, Donald Trump: Justin Bieber Doesn’t Support You, Here’s Video Proof [Updated]

Updated: Gossip Cop reports Justin Bieber’s rep confirmed screenshots appearing to show the superstar “liked” a Donald Trump Instagram video and followed the politician on Twitter are “fake.”

Moral of the story? Shade Twitter accounts are not news outlets and shouldn’t be treated as such by actual news outlets.

Original Report:

Justin Bieber set off a social media fire among his fans, and non-fans, after he “liked” an Instagram video shared by Donald Trump on Tuesday night.

He “unliked” it within seconds. The pop star has also since unfollowed Trump on Twitter. More on that below.

Justin Bieber
Screenshot of Justin Bieber’s ‘like’ of a Donald Trump video on Instagram. He ‘unliked’ it minutes afterwards

See below for the video in question, which Trump posted last night before the Wisconsin primaries. The 69-year-old was subsequently defeated by Ted Cruz. In the clip, the presidential candidate urged Wisconsinites to vote and banged home his campaign mantra “Let’s make America great again.”

A couple of hours left to #vote in #Wisconsin! #WIPrimary #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain #MAGA

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

A few hours later, Bieber “liked” a Hillary Clinton snap and a Bernie Sanders pic on Instagram and didn’t “unlike” them, thus wrapping his political-surfing trifecta for the night.

Ted Cruz didn’t get a look in.

But before anyone gets too excited over the Biebs’ Trump video “like” (and “unlike”), it’s worth remembering the “Sorry” singer previously strongly stated he wouldn’t vote for Trump in a hypothetical face-off between him and the rapper-designer Kanye West during a videoed interview with New York radio station 95.5 PLJ last September.

At the time, Bieber’s reply to the vote question was, “Definitely not Donald,” before adding, “I guess I would have to go with Kanye, yeah.” He also noted that as a Canadian he cannot vote in America.

Watch that interview below.

Bieber also “liked” a negative meme last month, which was captioned, “If Donald Trump becomes President, I’m moving to bikini bottom.” A Belieber tweeted a reminder amid the flurry of reactions to the 22-year-old superstar’s seeming Trump interest last night.

While the Justin Bieber account did follow Trump on Twitter, it’s widely known that the singer’s account is manned by his manager Scooter Braun and his team, as numerous screenshots and a typical dearth of spelling mistakes in “Bieber’s” tweets (as opposed to his Instagram) posts self-evidently indicates.

Justin Bieber
Screenshot of Scooter Braun’s past deleted Tweets on his account which were intended for Bieber’s. [Image via Twitter]
Justin Bieber
More screenshots of Braun’s since deleted tweets. [Image via Twitter]
Justin Bieber
Yet another screenshot of Braun evidently forgetting which Twitter account he was on. [Image via Twitter]

And, as of last night, the Justin Bieber Twitter account no longer follows Trump on Twitter.

With no word from Team Bieber as yet, it’s unclear whether the singer intended to “like” Trump’s video (perhaps as a joke), accidentally double-tapped, was hacked, or trolling, or if someone else was messing about with his iPhone. Either way, the Canadian’s Instagram activity certainly got fans talking ranting online.

In the corner for the defense, one fan simply repeated, “Justin’s not for Trump Justin’s not for Trump Justin’s not for Trump Justin’s not for Trump Justin’s not for Trump Justin’s not for Trump.”

Another fan rolled off a triple-zinger line of reasoning as follows.

The same fan then referred to Bieber’s previous Trump shade in the 2015 New York radio station interview.

Before concluding that the hearthrob’s “like” (and “unlike”) was an easily-done social media accident.

Other fans rallied to defend Justin from claims by other Twitter users that the singer’s Instagram video “like” (don’t forget the “unlike”) of Trump’s post was an endorsement of the frontrunner’s divisive, racist, aggressive worldview.

In response to a Bieber detractor cynically speculating that the singer’s fans would say he was “probably trying to load the video and accidentally liked it,” one fan pointed out that such accidents are regular occurrences and fired back with the tweet below.

Another noted the hypocrisy of some fans.

Others reposted the radio interview and accused fans of trying to conveniently paint Justin as a racist because of the recent overwrought cultural appropriation row that followed Bieber debuting new dreadlocks a few days ago.

It went on.

And on.

In the opposite corner, one Twitter user simply wrote, “Need answers bro @justinbieber.”

One fan even directly tweeted Justin, raging that he “should’ve killed himself when he thought about it the first time.” The fan subsequently deleted that post and put their account on private.

Another called for Bieber’s deportation.

One fan expressed her view on Bieber’s “likes” of Clinton and Sander’s pics.

As usual with all things Justin Bieber-related, it’s inevitable that there is plenty of opinion on his Donald Trump “like” (and “unlike”). With 78 million Twitter followers and 64 million Instagram followers amid a heated current political and social climate in the U.S., the singer’s social media footprint is vast.

However, while media outlet hand-wringing is already in full swing, it would be unfair to ignore Bieber’s extremely rapid “unlike” of Trump’s Instagram video and his previously voiced non-support for The Donald. But, for the time being, it’s probably best if Braun (an on-record Clinton supporter) assumes total control over the Purpose singer’s Instagram account.

When die-hard Bieber fans are pleading with the rest of the fan base not to tweet the singer with instructions to kill himself — it’s time for a break.

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