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Former NBA Player Dan Roundfield Dies In Aruba Drowning

Former Hawk Dan Roundfield

Dan Roundfield, a 12-year ABA/NBA veteran, tragically died off the coast of Aruba yesterday while trying to save his wife from choppy waters while they were swimming. The couple was on vacation in Aruba. Roundfield managed to save his wife, but he was swept out to sea according to multiple news reports.

AP has more details on the death of NBA player Dan Roundfield in an area of the island called Baby Beach:

Roundfield had been swimming with his wife, Bernie, off the southeastern tip of Aruba on Monday when they became caught in rough water beyond a protected reef area, said John Larmonie, a police spokesman on the southern Caribbean island. The former All Star was apparently swept away in a strong current as he tried to help his struggling wife, Larmonie said. Police, firefighters, the Coast Guard and volunteers searched for him, finding his body about 90 minutes later, trapped by rocks underwater.

Roundfield, 59, began his career with the Indiana Pacers, who were then in the American Basketball Association. The three-time NBA All Star center/forward was a member of the Atlanta Hawks for six seasons and also played for the Detroit Pistons and the Washington Bullets (now the Washington Wizards), and spent one season in Italy. He played college ball for Central Michigan.

NBA star Dominique Wilkins, now an executive with the Hawks, said in a statement of his former teammate…

Danny was the most honest and upfront person I knew, and I’m very stunned at hearing the news of his death.Danny’s one of my closest friends and he was a tremendous influence on my NBA career, on and off the court. He taught me how to be a professional and took me under his wing. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, I will truly miss him.

Here is a 2011 interview with Dan Roundfield:

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5 Responses to “Former NBA Player Dan Roundfield Dies In Aruba Drowning”

  1. John Consolino

    During my college days at Central Michigan University (72-75) I was fortunate to be a part of a tremendously successful basketball program as a student manager. During those years I came to know and love Danny Roundfield, an awesome player and an even more awesome person and friend. The sad news came today that Danny died in Aruba while swimming, after saving his wife Bernie from the currents. Connie and I are mourning the loss today of a great friend and wonderful man. You can read about Dan anywhere on the internet today, as he became an NBA all star after those CMU years. Rest in peace Danny…you will be in our hearts always.

  2. Martha Dominguez

    I'm so sorry :(
    My deepest heart felt sympathy for Tha family!!

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