Jennifer Aniston shares her biggest beauty woes

Jennifer Aniston Shares Biggest Beauty Woe And Regret, Why ‘Simple Is More’

It’s been two whole decades since we first fell in love with Jennifer Aniston as the adorable and witty character Rachel Green on the long-running hit sitcom Friends, and the now 47-year-old beauty’s star power still burns as bright as ever.

Aniston has, however, become a household name not only for her ability to portray the endearing object of suitor’s affections in romantic comedies, but has since flexed her muscle as a serious dramatic actress as well, bringing in rave reviews for her performance in Cake and now starring in Yellow Birds. Additionally, Aniston has gotten hitched to her sweetheart Justin Theroux while continuing on as a sought-after actress and producer.

All this and the actress is also the face for the Aveeno and Smartwater brands, while acting as co-owner for Living Proof. Now being the beauty ambassador that she is, Jen was keen to speak of her beauty tips and her beauty regrets, while admitting that she couldn’t be happier that the 90’s are back.

Jennifer Aniston spoke candidly with Vogue as to her philosophy on beauty.

“Emotionally and mentally, I would say it’s just about loving yourself and loving what you’ve been given—to really appreciate it and take care of it. Because this is the only body we’re given, we need to be really good and mindful of what we eat and how we take care of our skin—getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important, as is hydrating with water, water, water. It’s so important to getting that extra glow.”

The star then went on to share about how her style has evolved over the years and how she came to arrive at the signature style we all know Aniston for in the present.

“Sometimes you learn the hard way. Sometimes what’s in fashion isn’t always your best friend. There was a phase in the ’80s where I don’t think anyone was sporting good hair and makeup. The amount of makeup I piled onto my skin and the wonderful hair colors and cuts that my hair went through—I don’t look back fondly on some of those choices. But I do laugh at them!”

Aniston was also sure to share her biggest regret from those experimental years back a couple of decades ago, when she made the bold move to alter her hair in a way that very few women are willing to. Jen is a great example as to why not all beauty trends are meant to be followed.

“The entire decade! I would have to say, there was a period where I cut my hair really, really short. It was long on top, short on the sides. I think right above the ears—about an inch above—I shaved my head, and that was kind of a really bad look. It was like a faux kind of chicken s— mohawk [laughs].”

The process that Jennifer Aniston has gone through in her career as it evolves and changes, while stretching her abilities and taking on roles she never would have considered in the early stages of her career, are matched with the evolving look and style choices the star has made over the years. Aniston admits that when she was younger she would use more makeup and fuss about style, yet now she realizes that less really is more.

“I think over the years, everything’s just continued to get simpler. Less is more, less makeup, less fuss, and just more natural, which I kind of prefer. My skin-care treatment is very simple. I’ve found that anytime I try to do some kind of fancy hair or makeup routine or skin-care routine, it gets more complicated. I love simple Aveeno products”

Jen’s simple clean style is something that women have praised over the years and there is no question as to why Aniston has such an influence in the world of beauty and health. The actress is often turned to for health and beauty advice, including how she gets that flawless, glossy mane of hers, as Elite Daily shares.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards]