Hugh Jackman Urges Fans To Use Sunscreen After Having Another Skin Cancer Removed

Hugh Jackman earned the title of “superdad” on Sunday for rescuing his own children as well as other swimmers at Sydney’s Bondi Beach in Australia, according to CNN. The Wolverine actor was thanked for his role in assisting swimmers as they got caught up in a riptide on Saturday.

Australia’s Nine News footage shows Hugh Jackman pulling his own 10-year-old daughter Ava and 15-year-old son Oscar out of the water, while other swimmers assist the Hollywood actor.

Lifeguards helped Hugh Jackman get his own children, who got caught up in the strong current, out of the water. The beach was shut down after the incident and was opened for public use the next day due to the unfavorable weather conditions.

Bondi Beach lifeguards then took to Instagram to thank Hugh Jackman for assisting with rescues. Lifeguard Trent Falson personally thanked the X-Men actor in his interview with Australia’s 9 News for his “amazing job” at the beach that day, CNN reported.

Meanwhile, Peter Adam, a local swimmer at the Bondi Beach, assisted Hugh Jackman in pulling his daughter out of the water. Judging by the videos captured by eyewitnesses, Jackman went on to rescue other swimmers after he had pulled his daughter out of the water.

Adam then admitted in the interview that he had been “a little bit” starstruck after helping Hugh Jackman.

“His daughter was struggling to get on to the sand bar so I reached down, grabbed her arm and put my arm up to Hugh to make a chain to pull us up on the sand bar.”

It can be seen in the videos that Hugh Jackman is pulling Adam out of the water by the hand. But the local swimmer clarified that the actor was actually rescuing his daughter Ava, who clang to Adam’s arm.

“He then grabbed my hand to get us up. He then went to get his son.”

Another local swimmer named Dan Conn, who was there during the incident, said that Hugh Jackman remained “pretty cool, calm and collected” even when his son Oscar got carried out back by the strong current. Conn even went as far as calling the Wolverine actor a “superdad,” “superhero,” and “a super bloke.”

Last week, Hugh Jackman got a bit nostalgic, showing off his singing skills on The Jonathan Ross Show, according to Today. The 47-year-old actor was challenged to beat Luke Evans, who’s taking on the role of Gaston in the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast film.

Hugh Jackman played Gaston in the original Australian production of the Beauty and the Beast musical back in 1995, and now he was asked by the host of the show to raise large mugs of beer with Evans and put their vocals to the test.

Earlier this year, Hugh Jackman had his fifth skin cancer removed, according to The Guardian. The X-Men actor posted a picture of himself via his Instagram account and wrote in the caption about the need to use sun protection.

“An example of what happens when you don’t wear sunscreen. Basal Cell. The mildest form of cancer but serious, nonetheless. PLEASE USE SUNSCREEN and get regular check-ups.”

In the photo, Hugh Jackman is seen with a dressing covering his nose after the cancer removal surgery. The actor also revealed that it was skin cancer called basal cell, “the mildest form of cancer but serious nonetheless,” which is why Jackman urged his followers to use sunscreen and get their skin checked regularly.

Hugh Jackman had his first skin cancer removed over two years ago, and it was his wife Deborra-Lee Furness who initially raised suspicions about the mark on her husband’s nose. Jackman thought the mark was a scrape left behind after a fight scene.

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]