Christina Ricci’s Baby Son Mistaken For Dog In Awkward Media Flub

Christina Ricci may have entertained a generation with movies such as The Addams Family, Monster, and Casper, but today the 36-year-old actress entertains just one person: her o1-year-old son Freddie, according to People.

In her recent interview with People, Christina Ricci revealed that ever since she and her husband James Heerdegen welcomed Freddie into this world in August 2014, it changed “everything.”

“It’s made everything in my life actually important and matter. I now have to take things seriously, and I never did before.”

Christina Ricci also said that she wants to succeed for him and that everything she does for him at this early age matters. The actress also revealed a few tricks Freddie does to make her and her husband laugh. For example, he shakes his hands in a funny manner every time he is frustrated.

And it seems that the 19-month-old boy has already developed an obsession with hats. Christina Ricci said that Freddie is “obsessed” with hats, so he tries to put everything on his head. And every time he does it, he says the word “hat.”

Christina Ricci also revealed that she and her husband rarely even go out now, since they have a son to entertain at home.

“Most of my social things are play dates now. I barely ever go out at night unless it’s work related. It’s all lunches.”

And Christina Ricci appears to have a secret that allows her to successfully manage motherhood in such a busy city as New York. And that secret is having a “not hideous, but also diaper-appropriate” bag that contains “all the wipes, bottles and the snacks,” the actress revealed, adding that Freddie really loves a good snack, “or two or three.”

And even though Christina Ricci and her husband entertain their son with films, art, and music, the Golden Globe-nominated actress doesn’t know who he is going to be yet. Maybe even an actor.

Christina Ricci can be seen in the upcoming Mothers and Daughters, which opens in May this year. The actress appears in the film along with Sharon Stone, Susan Sarandon, and Selma Blair. The movie portrays what it is like to be a mother from the perspective of photographer Rigby Gray.

Christina Ricci filmed a number of scenes alongside Courteney Cox in Mothers and Daughters, which she says is “very exciting” because she appears to be a “huge fan” of Friends. The actress describes the experience of sharing the screen with Cox as “great,” adding that she loves the Friends star.

Earlier this year, things got awkward at the Screen Actors Guild Awards when E! host Brad Goreski confused the names of Christina Ricci’s son and dog, according to another article by People. The awkward incident took place on the red carpet of the event in Los Angeles.

The E! host asked the 36-year-old actress how was her baby boy, and she replied he was doing “amazing.” The Goreski moved on to ask how Christina Ricci’s dog Karen was doing, and the actress said that Freddie and Karen are best friends. It was the first time Ricci mentioned her son’s name.

And that’s where things got awkward, as Goreski tried to explain to the camera that “Freddie and Karen are Christina’s dogs.” Then Christina Ricci corrected the host, saying that Freddie is actually her son, and Karen is her dog. But all the host said was that “they’re so cute!”

Christina Ricci was nominated for her performance in a television movie or miniseries for Lifetime’s The Lizzie Borden Chronicles at this year’s SAG awards, but she lost to Queen Latifah, who took home the award for her outstanding performance on HBO’s Bessie.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs]