North Korea 9/11 attacks

North Korea Plans Its Own 9/11 Attack, But Bigger: ‘Will You Kneel Before Us And Save Your Life?’

North Korea’s official government mouthpiece DPRK Today ran an article on Friday that claimed they were prepping an offensive maneuver on the United States to rival the 9/11 attacks.

The bulletin addressed to North Koreans mocked how the U.S. had fallen to the attack of just a few airplanes. The author reveled in the upcoming damage the nation planned to inflict on the United States, saying that the death toll would be much higher than the 9/11 attacks, reported NK News.

“If three civilian airplanes’ attacks from 15 years ago resulted in 3,000 deaths and brought a nightmare to life for the U.S., the outbreak of our final war will wipe the country from history, leaving no time (for them to) even regret or have nightmares about it… Being beaten by only three civilian airplanes, the U.S. was ashamed in front of the world and has suffered incalculable psychological and economical damage.”

North Korea indicated that it would be focusing its attacks on buildings emblematic of the U.S. Government. The White House and the Pentagon were specifically named as targets.

“The most powerful, miniaturized, diversified weapon systems of Chosun (North Korea’s name for itself) are aimed at the U.S. imperialists’ war commands including the White House and the Pentagon, from the ground, in the air and underwater.”

Even the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) — America’s anti-ballistic missile system to hit incoming attacks — won’t be able to protect them, NK News translated from the site.

“Will you (the U.S.) be gone from the face of the Earth trying to stop Chosun’s attacks with the shameful THAAD? Or will you kneel before us and save your life? The time has come, and the U.S. must make the choice.”

North Korea’s 9/11 manifesto didn’t come alone. The DPRK Today article also included a video editing together clips of missiles and other nuclear arms being launched.

While the probability of North Korea actually launching a successful intercontinental missile is extremely low, its neighbors have suffered from a few successful hits from the country. An attack the size of 9/11 is obviously an exaggeration, but some within a closer proximity of North Korea have found themselves burned, John Delury, a professor at South Korea’s Yonsei University told BBC.

“If you follow North Korean media you constantly see bellicose language directed against the US and South Korea and occasionally Japan is thrown in there, and it’s hard to know what to take seriously. But then when you look at occasions where something really did happen, such as the artillery attack on a South Korean island in 2010, you see there were very clear warnings.”

Many North Korea experts speculate that such public threats only serve as propaganda efforts to keep the citizens of the Hermit Kingdom believing in the power of Kim Jong-un, or “Dear Leader” as many refer to him in the country. Still, others caution that there has been a change in the way that North Korea has approached such statements — going from denying the existence of such weapons to openly brandishing them, said Andrea Berger of the Royal United Services Institute in London.

“Any time a nation threatens pre-emptive nuclear war, there is cause for concern. North Korea is no exception, with its… shift in rhetoric from accusing the US of imagining a North Korean ballistic missile threat, to vowing to use its ballistic missile capabilities to strike the continental US.”

Despite the rhetoric of the DPRK government, it’s seems safe to say the North Korea 9/11 attack does not pose any immediate danger.

[Photo by Robert Giroux/Getty Images]