Niall Horan could be at three golf events in the next two months

Is Niall Horan Heading To Augusta, Georgia’s PGA Tour Masters Golf Tournament?

Niall Horan’s social media accounts have been silent since March 29, but could this be an indication that he has left London for Augusta, Georgia?

About a week ago, Niall Horan was posting on Snapchat about his public transportation exploits and allegedly shopping for baby clothes, according to UnReality TV.

Now, Niall Horan could be on the move, and there are hints from those close to him that they may be in Augusta, Georgia.

Niall Horan may especially want to be in Augusta to support his friend Rory McIlroy. Close to winning a record in golf, when Rory McIlroy turns 27 on May 4, he could join the club with Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods for having at 12 PGA Tour victories under his belt, according to CBS Sports.

However, in the past, Niall Horan was Rory McIlroy’s good luck charm — and Rory may need Niall again. According to Sports 360, Rory has been reconsidering his moves and decided to pull out of the Augusta National Par 3 contest to “focus on the Masters.”

Niall Horan has been making golf friends.
Niall Horan made a lot of friends at the 2015 Celebrity Golf Pro-Am at Wentworth. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

For fans wanting to look for Niall Horan in the crowd, Rory McIlroy stated he would be playing golf from April 3 to 6. The actual PGA Tour Masters golf tournament will take place from April 7 to 10. If Niall Horan is there, it is unlikely that major sports networks will keep quiet about it.

Naturally, it might make a lot of sense for Niall Horan to make an appearance at the Masters in Augusta because he recently launched a golf talent management company.

While Niall Horan only launched his social media for Modest Golf Management in the past weeks, the Instagram account still has no photographs to display. In all likelihood, Modest Golf or Niall Horan might start posting photos once the Masters begin.

Moreover, other social media accounts linked to Niall Horan seem to suggest that there is a big focus on the Masters. For example, Modest Golf’s Twitter is somewhat active and the latest announcement on March 24 was a retweet about the Masters.

Adding to this, on March 29, Niall Horan’s head of operations with Modest Golf Management, Mark MacDonnell, posted on Twitter “@ellielaneday @JDayGolf @modestgolf no worries Ellie! See you guys in Augusta x.”

In other golf news, Niall Horan and Mark MacDonnell are also thanking Sky News sportscaster Kirsty Gallacher on Twitter for promoting the Horan & Rose charity golf event at the end of May.

Niall Horan is deeply involved with BMW's golf charity fundraisers
In the month of May, Niall Horan will play golf and also throw a golf event for the same BMW golf charity to raise money for cancer research. (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)

About Horan & Rose, Contact Music writes that the celebrity golf fundraising event will take place on May 29 and 30 in a secret location near London.

Not to be confused with the Horan & Rose event that also funds the BMW golf charity, Niall Horan will be participating in a separate golf charity event called the BMW Championship at Wentworth in Virginia Water, England, according to Bracknell News. The date for the 2016 event is May 25.

In 2015, Niall Horan also made an appearance at the BMW Wentworth Championship to raise money for charity, according to European Tour. Regardless, the real question for many fans is “can One Direction fans attend the event?”

As it appears, this could be a One Direction fan-friendly event for younger fans that cannot afford to pay. When the BMW Wentworth event took place in 2015, an organizer that spoke to the press when Niall Horan played mentioned “under-16s can come for free if accompanied by a paying adult, with a maximum of four kids per adult.”

Sadly, it looks like there may be some tension between Niall Horan and one of the players at the upcoming Celebrity Pro-Am BMW Championship at Wentworth.

According to ESPN FC, Aaron Ramsey of the Arsenal Football Club has been taunting Niall Horan on Twitter about their upcoming participation at the Celebrity Pro-Am golf event… but Niall Horan is ready for the challenge.

Teasing between Niall Horan and Aaron Ramsey included the question “you any good” and a defiant defense of “you’ll have to wait and see!”

[Picture by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images]