wwe rumors wrestlemania 32 main event roman reigns triple h change stipulation no disqualification

WWE Rumors: Major Change Made To ‘WrestleMania 32’ Main Event — Huge Stipulation Added

With just a couple days to go until WrestleMania 32, many would think there wouldn’t be a lot of changes or shocking happenings. Well, it really wouldn’t be WWE if they kept the surprises from coming, and one seems to have already arrived. It appears as if a major stipulation has been added to the main event of the pay-per-view, and it will allow Roman Reigns and Triple H to be a bit more brutal with one another.

The match was all ready for the WWE World Heavyweight Title currently held by Triple H, and many are expecting Roman Reigns to walk out with that belt in his possession. A lot of fans are against this match, as they are just done with Reigns being shoved down their throats.

Well, WWE may be trying to appease the fans and make things a little more interesting for them, as it appears the main event title match is now no disqualification.

wwe rumors wrestlemania 32 main event roman reigns triple h change stipulation no disqualification
[Image via WWE]
WrestleZone has seen a copy of the WrestleMania 32 program, and it specifically lists all of the matches and what titles they are for, stipulations, and all of that. For the main event match, it does indeed state that it is a “No Disqualification Match” between Triple H and Roman Reigns.

There are also posters seen all around Dallas and at WrestleMania Axxess showing the exact same thing, so it certainly seems to be set in place.

It’s hard to believe that WWE would allow those kinds of things to be plastered all over the place or sold to fans if they weren’t up-to-date. There has never been any talk of a stipulation being added to the match on WWE television, and that makes it hard to think it’s a mistake or something from the past.

Looking at the official preview for the match on WWE.com, there is still no mention of a stipulation of any kind on the match. The headline for the preview, though, leads one to believe that this isn’t totally unexpected.

“Blood has been spilled and payback exacted, but at WrestleMania, one Superstar will emerge as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.”

Those who have been watching the build-up to WrestleMania 32 will remember that Triple H battered and bloodied Roman Reigns on the February 22 episode of Monday Night Raw. Reigns was off TV and on the shelf for a few weeks and then returned to torment the champion.

Now, it looks like there will be a bit more bloodshed, but this time, it will be on the biggest wrestling event of the year.

wwe rumors wrestlemania 32 main event roman reigns triple h change stipulation no disqualification
[Image via WWE]
As of SmackDown last night, there was still no word of any changes being made to this match. If it’s going to be announced prior to it starting at all, look for it to be added to the Kickoff Show starting earlier on Sunday.

It’s just really kind of hard to think that WWE won’t follow through with this, since it is being seen all over the Dallas area.

Maybe WWE had heard the rumors of fans threatening to strike WrestleMania 32 and walk out during the main event. That’s one train of thought, but maybe they just felt the match needed a little something extra to add fuel to the fire.

There is already a No Holds Barred Street Fight on the card, and it will pit Brock Lesnar against Dean Ambrose. That one is expected to get extremely violent and brutal, so why not throw another one out there for the fans to enjoy?

Roman Reigns and Triple H are already battling it out on the grandest stage of all for the top prize. Making the WrestleMania 32 main event a no disqualification match only ups the intensity of it all and may make the fans happier. Now, WWE just needs to make it official.

[Image via WWE]