Kylie Jenner Gloss Party - Exclusive Snapchat Behind The Scenes Footage

Kylie Jenner Gloss Party: Exclusive Snapchat Behind The Scenes Footage [Video]

Kylie Jenner’s gloss has made nearly every major celebrity headline, and it’s for good reason. But, have you seen King Kylie’s gloss party? Here’s how it happened.

The gloss event started with Jenner’s mother, Kris, as she introduced Kylie’s new product line. During Kris Jenner’s praiseworthy preface, she mentioned how proud she was of all of Kylie’s endeavors. You can see in the Instagram videos below.

Kylie Jenner’s mother mentioned that, the first time she saw her daughter’s gloss music video, she “almost passed out.” While it was definitely unexpected, Kylie Jenner’s gloss video was brilliant marketing geared towards today’s generation. Kylie’s video would basically speak and advertise the gloss product for itself. All “King” Jenner needed to do was simply tweet about it, and the social media response would take it from there.

Actually, Kylie Jenner exemplified the positive cliché of “the hostess with the mostest.” During Jenner’s gloss party, Snapchat users could see that Kylie “went all out” as far as presentation. Gloss guests were given care packages upon arrival to the outside quarters, and inside of Kylie Jenner’s gift sets were lipstick kits as well as gloss kits.

Unlike her currently-empty Kylie Cosmetics website, Jenner’s gloss party guests had all eight lipstick kit swatches available. Likewise, they received the three gloss colors: Like, Literally, and So Cute. Actually, People magazine helps clarify Kylie Jenner’s color swatches as follows.

“…As we predicted, the three shades will be called ‘Like’ (light brown), ‘Literally’ (mauve-y beige), and ‘So Cute’ (pale pink) — each of the phrases that pop up on the screen throughout the video.”

If you attempt to distinguish Kylie Jenner’s gloss colors from simply looking at the boxes, it might be slightly difficult if you don’t already have a keen eye for color shades or do suffer from the effects of color blindness. Likewise, each of Jenner’s descriptions note “Brilliant A,” regardless of the selection.

Instead, an easier way to differentiate Kylie Jenner’s colors is by looking at the boxes from top-view. The selection titles are labeled, respectively.

As can be seen from Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat videos, her gloss guests were enjoying their new gift sets around the table in eager fashion.

The only element missing from the Kylie’s gloss party was the music video cast from the shoot. Oh wait, they were there too.

In case Kylie Jenner ran out of gift sets, she had extra as backups. They weren’t exactly packaged in the presentation given to those who sat at the “table of honor,” but guests received Kylie’s gloss sets nonetheless. Although Jenner understands that presentation is everything, she also acknowledges that users want the product at the end of the day. Yet, even when the packaging is downgraded, Kylie Jenner still finds a way to spruce it up.

Kylie Jenner’s marketing strategy — however new age and technologically savvy it may be — certainly works in her favor. According to Scott’s Marketplace, there are four things to learn from Kylie’s brand of superstar status, and they are as follows:

  1. Hang out where your target audience hangs out
  2. Own your weirdness
  3. Use exclusive content to drive sales
  4. And get personal.

If you follow Kylie Jenner’s social media platforms, you know that she does all the aforementioned and more. Likewise, even while hosting a fantastic gloss party, Jenner still found a way to demonstrate her new product to her fan base.

For the most part, while her products are high-quality, Kylie Jenner’s lipstick and gloss kits are so popular because it’s a method of relating to “King” Kylie’s status, says Forbes. The financial source notes as follows:

“There are lots of substitutes [to Kylie Jenner’s lipstick] if you want your lips to look a certain color, the problem is people aren’t buying functionality, they are buying desirability. You can keep up with the Kardashians, and that kind of feeling is worth more than what goes into the lipstick.”

The source also notes that, if Kylie Jenner wanted to do an extreme markup of her kit prices — even upwards of $3,000 per kit — Kylie would be able to do it, due to supply and demand. The scarcity of Jenner’s lipstick kits and the overwhelming demand make way for potentially extravagant, high-end prices, regardless of teen affordability.

However, Kylie Jenner doesn’t seem to want that for her fan base. If you don’t know, Jenner makes millions per relaunch. Also, fan base empathy is far more valuable financially than placing the product out of their reach. Right now, her social followers have a method of living in the life of Kylie Jenner, beauty mogul.

[Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images Entertainment]