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Former WWE NXT Trainer Bill DeMott On Leaving The Company: ‘I Took The High Road’

Bill Demott, who worked as the head trainer for WWE NXT until his resignation in early 2015, was the featured guest on the most recent episode of the In the Room podcast on VOC Nation. DeMott spoke with Brady Hicks, contributing writer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated, as well as the show’s co-hosts, WCW’s The Stro and Kathie Fizpatrick. The former WWE NXT guru discussed his controversial departure from WWE as well as fan perceptions – and misperceptions – regarding the inner workings of WWE. Excerpts from the interview were published by WrestleZone.

“I didn’t leave on bad terms with the company,” DeMott told the In the Room panel. “I’m not the most well-liked person on the Internet. Ninety-five percent of it is by people who have no idea about me and just go by what they read or what they heard from somebody else, but there’s no sour grapes and there’s no negativity… If I could sum up the whole thing, I took the high road… I was very honored to start something with Triple-H [that’s] become the brand that is NXT. There’s no negativity. There’s [just] a couple individuals that are off my Christmas card list.”

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Former WWE NXT trainer Bill DeMott said he remains proud of the product that he helped WWE COO Triple H build. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

As reported by WrestlingINC and other news outlets at the time, Bill DeMott resigned from his position with WWE NXT in March, 2015, after numerous allegations surfaced regarding his treatment of developmental talent. Austin Matelson was one of the first wrestlers to come forward with claims that he was physically abused and harassed. Established talents including TNA Wrestling’s Ethan Carter III, who trained under DeMott, shared similar stories. For his part, Carter implied that DeMott had engaged in “blatant bullying” as well as conduct that could have resulted in long-term injuries.

For his part, Bill DeMott denied all allegations of impropriety up to the point of his resignation and he has given a number of interviews since he left the company.

Speaking to Brady Hicks, Bill DeMott expressed gratitude for his experiences in WWE NXT and said he is happy with what the product has become. Indeed, WWE NXT is slated for a buzzworthy event on the eve of WrestleMania 32 with NXT Takeover: Dallas. Much like previous NXT events, Takeover is expected to give WrestleMania some serious competition in terms of action and overall entertainment value. Such a reputation for excellence was built slowly and deliberately during DeMott’s employment with WWE.

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Bill DeMott suggests that the perception that WWE NXT flourishes because it is not run by Vince McMahon is incorrect, because the whole company is run by the notoriously hands-on billionaire. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

“I loved my job and I’m one of the best at it,” said DeMott during his appearance on in the Room. “I look at [NXT] every week and there’s nothing but pride. It felt good and I’m happy for them. The running joke is to be careful what you ask for, because you’re going to get it. Now they’re running… The fear is that it becomes the next brand and the next part of WWE. I think the thing that makes NXT different is that it’s still a different approach to the business… I never had a doubt it would grow.”

Bill DeMott also addressed the popular perception among fans that WWE NXT is a noteworthy and cutting-edge product because WWE Chairman Vince McMahon does not have an active role in its production. DeMott noted that McMahon is actively involved in all aspects of WWE, including NXT so it is reasonable to give him credit for the success of that project.

Although Bill DeMott is no longer involved with WWE NXT, he still works closely with wrestlers. He discussed his ongoing involvement in the wrestling business on The Roman Show in late 2015, explaining that he now gives aspiring wrestlers “one-on-one” time at live training seminars.

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