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Plaxico Burress Owes New York State $59K In Back Taxes

Plaxico Burress owes more than $59K to the state of New York

Plaxico Burress is having a hard enough time finding a team that wants him, but his troubles just got worse with the news that he owes the State of New York more than $59,000 in back taxes.

The free agent wide receiver and one-time Super Bowl hero has had a tax lien filed against him, TMZ reported. Legal documents showed that Plaxico Burress failed to pay the full amount owed on his personal income taxes for 2007, leading New York to come looking for the $59,421 it i owed.

The tax lien development marks another step backward for the man who was once the New York Giants No. 1 receiver and made the game-winning touchdown catch in Super Bowl XLII. Things then fell apart for Plaxico Burress after he shot himself in the leg in 2008, the New York Post noted, as this led to a prison sentence for a weapons possession charge.

After losing the next two seasons while he was in jail, Plaxico Burress signed on with the New York Jets for last season but is now a free agent.

His problems continue on the field as well–or rather the problem is that he is not on the field. Plaxico Burress said he is surprised not to be on a roster at this point, with training camps already into full gear, Yahoo! Sports reported.

“With some of the things I was able to do after being away for two years, I pretty much thought it spoke for itself,” Burress said. “But I guess obviously not.:

But there could still be football in the future for Plaxico Burress. The Oakland Raiders and and his former Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly interested in his services.

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9 Responses to “Plaxico Burress Owes New York State $59K In Back Taxes”

  1. Doug Sterling

    Since Plaxico Burress didn't live in New York or work in New York one wonders what the claim of the New York Tax authorities is. Are they charging him income tax for the time he spent in jail there?

  2. Anonymous

    I was just checking to see if he was trying to blow his jewels off again. Sorry.

  3. Timothy Barnes

    this man has a lot of bad luck from ny following him, maybe he should just leave the rotten Apple for good.

  4. Anonymous

    Another Jet loser who gets what he deserves. This is why the Pats always win. The jets have no character.

  5. Tim Buktu

    Wow. How the mighty have fallen. Why is it that some people just self-destruct and do everything they can to sabotage themselves? Plaxico was Mr.Showboat for a while, then his arrogance blinded him. Goes to a club with a LOADED gun ( with the safety OFF ) tucked into the waist band of his warm up pants , the gun falls out of the waistband, shoots HIM in the leg- that was the beginning of the end. Sheer lunacy. He could have accidentally KILLED someone with that gun. NO respect for other's lives.Karma can be a bitch!

  6. Anonymous

    That's the thing. He came out of jail and instead of being humble and forthright he bashed the Giants his former team, killed Coughlin, basically said Eli was a poser, and that Reese was a liar. He should have come out and said thank you for the Giants organization and the opportunity they gave me. No he comes out acting like he hadn't learned a damn thing.

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