What Instagram changes mean to you

Big Instagram Changes And What They Will Mean To You

Instagram changes are on the horizon, and people are going crazy trying to figure out what changes Instagram is making and what it will mean to them. Yes, Instagram changes are coming, but most will be launched in time, all with a warning to users. People called “influencers” are calling out to their followers about turning off notifications, yet what do these Instagram changes mean to the average person who is not a Kardashian? Instagram changes might just be a good thing, especially considering all of the new things you will be able to do with video.

Forbes is reporting that these influencers on Instagram, who seem to be largely named Jenner and Kardashian, are responding to rumors about Instagram and when changes might start. The “flurry of panic” about Instagram, the uber-popular photo and video sharing app, has taken over social as a hotter topic of conversation than the election.

The main rumor that is bouncing all around the Twittersphere is that Instagram will be rolling out changes tomorrow, which reportedly would be replacing feeds’ current reverse chronological order. Instagram is trying to stay in front of this, putting out a clear statement that there is no change coming tomorrow in the world of Instagram.

“We’re listening and we assure you nothing is changing with your feed right now. We promise to let you know when changes roll out broadly.”

Many influencers, including companies who pitch deals and offers to their followers via Instagram, are very concerned that any changes on Instagram could change their view counts, throw their algorithms into a tailspin, and hurt their bottom line, which all adds up to money.

The Guardian says that changes are coming to Instagram, but messing around with your Instagram preferences is not a good idea just yet. The Guardian has a motto for the day.

“Don’t do it. For your sake. Not yet, anyway,” the outlet explained.

The big names on Instagram are urging their followers to “turn on notifications” quickly so that all of their updates are not lost in the new “Instagram regime.” Kylie Jenner is advising her followers on all things tech by saying that in the future, users of the Instagram app will have to pay to stay on top. Instagram has also refuted this.

The whole idea of turning on posts right now might just drive you mad, as it means that for everyone you follow, you will get a notification each time one of those people posts anything. For example, the Guardian used Rihanna as an example and said that the singer, who really likes Instagram, posts several photos nearly every day. Each time Rihanna posts a photo, you will get a text. That would be annoying if you only followed Rihanna, but multiply that by all of the people you follow. Many influencers are starting to see the light and have taken to Twitter to share their wisdom.

“I love everyone I follow on Instagram, but I honestly don’t want a notification every time someone posts.”

The message here is that each person who is urging you to rush to make changes on Instagram is not doing it for you but rather for themselves. Tyler Oakley, the all-around YouTube guy, is urging fans to turn on notifications quickly if they don’t want to miss posts by Zayn Malik, the boy bander. If you don’t make changes on Instagram and turn on notifications, you will not miss a single post by anyone.

“ATTENTION!!! instagram is changing their algorithms, so if you want to see important updates, please turn on notifications for@zaynmalik

For now, anything that was waiting for you on Instagram normally will still be on your Instagram feed for you tomorrow, even if you make no changes today.

But Instagram and change are not like gloom and doom, but according to the Verge a cool new change is available on Instagram right now, and that is video improvement. You can now record 60-second videos on Instagram, as in right this moment. Two months ago, Instagram allowed advertisers to extend their videos to 60 seconds, and now, regular users of Instagram can too.

Instagram has found that in the last six months, Instagram users’ video viewing has increased by 40 percent, so to keep up with this trend, Instagram has made the adjustment. Doing this will help Instagram compete with YouTube and Snapchat by also including public view counts that will encourage advertisers to make even more videos.

Are changes on Instagram concerning you? Did a celebrity encourage you as a follower to change your notifications on Instagram?

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