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Nude Photos Of Miranda Kerr Pop Up Online

miranda kerr

It’s pretty easy to find photos of Miranda Kerr in skimpy lingerie but the Australian supermodel hasn’t done too much nude modeling. Well, at least none that has been readily available to the public.

But a new set of nude photos of the beautiful model recently popped up on the blog of French fashion photographer Laurent Darmon. And these photos aren’t just leaked cellphone pics. The black & white photos were professionally shot by Dern and show Kerr wearing nothing but a confident smile.

Still, Miranda Kerr probably isn’t happy that the photos showed up online. The nude pictures were taken down shortly after they appeared on Darmon’s website. The blog Fashion Copius managed to save a few copies and, well, once something is posted on the internet it usually stays on the internet. (You can see the photos here.)

The Huffington Post reports that this isn’t the first nude photoshoot for Miranda Kerr. The Australian supermodel posed topless for GQ in 2010, got naked for the Pirelli Calender the same year, and posed nude for W Magazine when she was pregnant with her first child.

It isn’t clear when the Laurent Darmon photos were taken.

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