Adam Smith AKA The Chick-fil-A Bully Apologizes to Rachel

Adam Smith, the man who has come to be known as the “Chick-fil-A bully,” has issued an apology to Rachel, the drive thru worker who was on the receiving end of his tirade. Smith posted the apology video on YouTube, Friday evening, August 3, 2012. In the 7 minute 48 second long video, Smith apologizes directly to Rachel and also tries to explain his actions.

Wiping a tear from his eye, Smith addresses Rachel by name, as he begins, “Rachel, I am so very sorry for the way I spoke to you on Wednesday. You handled my frustrating rant with such dignity and composure. Every time I watch the video I’m blown away by, really the beauty in what you did, in your kindness and your patience with me.”

The video continues as Smith tries to explain his actions, “You should know that I never planned to say the things I said to you that day, and how I said them. I planned to peacefully participate in the August 1st YouTube post where Jackson Pearce asked people to simply order a large water to show support for the gay community. But when I got to your window, after seeing all the people in and outside the restaurant that came to support Chick-fil-A, I lost it.”

He then elaborates further and once again takes an opportunity to attack Rachel’s employer, Chick-fil-A, “I just lost it. I couldn’t believe the number of people came out to support a corporation that associates themselves with anti-gay groups, like Exodus International and the American Family Association. And how did I lose it? By making you listen to my frustration and disgust. It wasn’t right, and for that I am so sorry.

While seeming to momentarily forget that he is supposed to be apologizing to Rachel, Smith begins to explain his purpose in making the original video, “When I first thought about participating in this protest, I was really excited. I felt purpose in standing up against Chick-fil-A’s funding of anti-human rights groups. I felt like it was the right thing to do — the human thing to do. After recording the conversation, my enthusiasm in standing up against Chick-fil-A was very high, and in that moment, I decided to post the video. For me, and at that moment, the main goal of supporting the gay community outweighed the collateral damage that Rachel became. And I literally just saw Rachel as collateral damage.”