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Adam Smith AKA The Chick-fil-A Bully Apologizes to Rachel


Adam Smith, the man who has come to be known as the “Chick-fil-A bully,” has issued an apology to Rachel, the drive thru worker who was on the receiving end of his tirade. Smith posted the apology video on YouTube, Friday evening, August 3, 2012. In the 7 minute 48 second long video, Smith apologizes directly to Rachel and also tries to explain his actions.

Wiping a tear from his eye, Smith addresses Rachel by name, as he begins, “Rachel, I am so very sorry for the way I spoke to you on Wednesday. You handled my frustrating rant with such dignity and composure. Every time I watch the video I’m blown away by, really the beauty in what you did, in your kindness and your patience with me.”

The video continues as Smith tries to explain his actions, “You should know that I never planned to say the things I said to you that day, and how I said them. I planned to peacefully participate in the August 1st YouTube post where Jackson Pearce asked people to simply order a large water to show support for the gay community. But when I got to your window, after seeing all the people in and outside the restaurant that came to support Chick-fil-A, I lost it.”

He then elaborates further and once again takes an opportunity to attack Rachel’s employer, Chick-fil-A, “I just lost it. I couldn’t believe the number of people came out to support a corporation that associates themselves with anti-gay groups, like Exodus International and the American Family Association. And how did I lose it? By making you listen to my frustration and disgust. It wasn’t right, and for that I am so sorry.

While seeming to momentarily forget that he is supposed to be apologizing to Rachel, Smith begins to explain his purpose in making the original video, “When I first thought about participating in this protest, I was really excited. I felt purpose in standing up against Chick-fil-A’s funding of anti-human rights groups. I felt like it was the right thing to do — the human thing to do. After recording the conversation, my enthusiasm in standing up against Chick-fil-A was very high, and in that moment, I decided to post the video. For me, and at that moment, the main goal of supporting the gay community outweighed the collateral damage that Rachel became. And I literally just saw Rachel as collateral damage.”

In the original video that led to his firing, Smith concluded his rant with a rather obnoxious statement about his own sexuality, “Have a good day… I’m a nice guy by the way, and I’m totally heterosexual.. not a gay [unintelligible] in me, I just can’t stand the hate, you know? It’s gotta stop, guys. Stand up.”

Many viewers were offended and puzzled by Smith’s need to affirm his own straightness, while making a video claiming to support gay rights. He tries to explain why he felt it was so important tell Rachel his sexual preference,’No, I’m not in the closet as many comics suggested, but if I were, I’d be very proud to be. The reason why I said that I wasn’t gay was because I wanted to convey that you don’t have to be gay to be for gay rights. Just because someone is different than me, doesn’t mean that I can’t have empathy on their unique struggles. You don’t have to be gay to want to help the gay community. That’s a stigma, I’m trying to stop that.”

Unlike Smith’s original video, which received almost 500,000 views, his apology video on YouTube has only received 2547 views since it was posted on Friday. The new video has received 25 likes and 279 dislikes. If we are to judge by the viewer comments, people are just not buying Smith’s apology. One YouTube user, PantyCrickets, spoke for many, when they posted response to Smith’s new video, “How does someone who can make such a monumentally stupid decision get a job like the one he had? i feel worse for this guy’s family, friends and neighbors……this wasn’t an apology, either.”

The public will form its own opinions about Adam Smith’s attempt to apologize to Rachel, but it does seem that the man is still basically clueless about the whole situation. Several comments have been made that suggest that when someone wants to apologize, they should simply do just that, instead of adding a long winded justification of their behavior. What do you think? Is Adam Smith sincere in his apology or is he just trying to reduce the criticism of his actions, while justifying his rude behavior?

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53 Responses to “Adam Smith AKA The Chick-fil-A Bully Apologizes to Rachel”

  1. Mark Trail

    This wasn't an apology it was a justification. He obviously hasn't been humbled by this experience, but the humility is coming…being unemployed for the next year or so will do that to him. He has about zero chance of finding another executive position with a six figure salary.

  2. DREGstudios! Art & Design

    If companies are people and people vote with dollars then the destination of the restaurant’s donations are open for public debate. It very well should be an issue as to where peoples’ hard-earned money goes after the chicken goes down their gullet. This issue has made our little feathered friend the modern martyr as Chick-fil-A laughs all the way to the bank. Watch the poultry be nailed to the cross and pierced by the spear of destiny at the hands of those devious cows on my artist’s blog at

  3. Mark Trail

    Don't like it, don't eat there. But you are on the losing side of the issue asshat! The most popular "Boycott Chick-fil-A page on Facebook has 13,000 likes while the Chick-fil-A corporate page has SIX MILLION LIKES!

  4. Patrick Wright

    I agree with you Charlene, However it is reported that he did go back some time later, and try to talk to Rachel, but alas she didn't want to speak with him. I can't blame her. He was filled with Hate in the video that he accuses CFA of having.

  5. Craig Brockman

    LOL – Well, he validated two things – his former employer got it right, and he's a jerk!

  6. David Williams

    He IS a jerk. I feel horrible for his wife and 4 kids (2 adopted with special needs according to the Blaze). I hope for their sake he has learned something and will work at being a good husband and father. He sucks as a clueless social crusader.

  7. Anonymous

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  8. Jim Killgrove

    Gasoline burned while waiting 35 minutes at the Chick-fil-a drive thru = $3.25.
    On cup of Chick-fil-a ice water = Free.
    One CFO losing his job for bullying a drive-thru server = Priceless.

  9. Anna Antkowski-Kraisler

    He actually said he felt good bullying this woman. He's a sadist also.

  10. J.l. Lagestee

    An apology has little credibility when you use the apology to again force your narrow understanding of the issue. Doesn't matter what Chick fill -a does with its money. What about the money used by LGBT to get people fired, to have events cancelled at hotels and casinos? Why is LGBT WITH IT'S GAY AGENDA any different than a competing Non profit. As I said on another website. I hope your next job is in a fast food location waiting on guests who come to the drive up window.

  11. Jim Chess

    Smith is a loudmouthed jerk. Though he says he's not gay, he most certainly acts just like vast numbers of them: rude, mouthy, intolerate and intimidating. Many homosexuals remind me of spoiled children who whine, cry and throw a tantrum when they don't get their way or when someone disagrees with them. You people in the homosexual community are your own worst enemies. You demand tolerance but extend tolerance to no one else. You seem incapable of mature, evenhanded discourse on the subject of your chosen lifestyle. If anyone disagrees with it or with the misguided, concocted idea of so-called "gay marriage", you want to go to war. These actions do not serve your image well. The fact is, there are millions of people all around the world who do disagree with you and always will. Deal with it; it's the world we all live in. If your plan is to attack all of those people, then you're doomed to a narrow, ugly life. I couldn't personally care less if you're homosexual. I have friends and relatives who are. But I do get sick and tired of those of you who want to constantly flaunt it and challenge the rest of society with it. Some of you want to try to cram homosexuality down the throats of others and indoctrinate our children in the public schools, the scouts and other such venues. These tactics we will never accept. I, for one, am Chick-fil-A ed to death. Grow up, get over yourselves, pipe down and get a life. And don't go off on some tirade about this being hate. It's not hate. It's the truth and that means you hear it as hate. If a lot more of you would act like peaceable people you'd find your lives much more pleasant. The rest of the world is sick of hearing about your "problems." We've got problems of our own.

  12. Rudy Shuffield

    If Smith saw such a large turnout in support of FREE SPEECH I wonder why he didn't realize that there just might be something going on that was a lot bigger than supporting or not supporting gay rights, which by the way seems to be a secondary issue. If freedom of speech is hindered then discussion for support or non-support for ANY issue will be drastically affected. Maybe we are headed toward a time where freedom of thought may well be threatened. However that is just my slant on it.

  13. Shadi Sidarous

    I am writing on behalf of your former CFO, Adam Smith, in an effort to get his job re-instated. I must admit, that when I first heard of his Youtube post and the subsequent firing, I was pleased and had the impression that he got what he deserved. But as I had time to contemplate his situation, I realized he was in the same position as Dan Cathy, the CFO of Chick-f.
    il-a, only on the opposite side. How could I fight for his right to free speech, then gloat when another man loses his job over it? He, in no way made his job nor his company known during the post. He broke no laws. Do we really want to scare every individual into remaining silent on all political or social issues for fear of retribution? Should we allow a job that we do 40 hours a week, dictate how we behave in the remaining 128 of the week? What else should a man be forced to keep to himself in public? Religion? Political affiliation? Is this not the very thing that incensed American's about the mayors who vowed denial to Chick-fil-a restaurant permits? This has gone too far. Mr. Smith's opinions and actions, in no way, reflected badly upon your company or on your company's reputation. It only reflected on his. And even that was restored with his heart-felt apology. In conclusion, Mr. Smith's personal opinions should not be a just cause for termination.

  14. Doug Daumueller

    I hate when people apologize for what they believe in. He should not have taken it out on the server that is true, but he does have the right to his opinion, just like the CEO of Chick-Fil-A. I work in the retail industry and deal with people chewing me out all the time. I don't expect them to lose their job over it. I am sure all of you self righteous people judging this guy have never given a customer service person a hard time. Was the guy a jerk? Yes, but a lot of people don't get fired because they are a jerk.

  15. Edwin Barreto

    I can truly sense the typical gay hatred that fuels their abnormal agenda; you talk about company donations, but look at the many hollywood companies that donate simply due to the gay agenda? Typical hypocritical as those who oppose the cross will eventually not be saved by the cross and piercing you mention. How ironic is that?

  16. Darryl Cunningham

    Adam Smith: Now that I've been fired from my CFO job and shunned from the college I used to teach at, I'm TRULY sorry Rachel. I truly am!!!

  17. Patrick Wright

    Shadi, you are welcome to write on his behalf, and I am sorry for his family. However the two do not compare in any way. Dan Cathy was asked about his beliefs regarding marriage, and answered, on a radio show. He made no Hateful remarks, Mistreated Nobody, and as for his company He donates to many christian groups, who of course do not support homosexuality, but do love and pray for homosexuals.
    as to his Restaurant Chick Fil A they hire homosexuals and do not refuse to serve them, and even brought them water (and in at least 1 case lemonade, and I have heard sandwich's were brought to some)
    The whole chick fil a thing became bigger than life when mayors from Chicago,Boston,DC, etc. said you can't come here.
    Now let's look at "Adam Smith" though he accuses CFA of being Hateful, the only HATE I see is coming from him, He is absolutely seething with rage. and decides he wil make his speech to whoever is at the window.
    He takes his free water to liberate a few cents from CFA and therefore less donations to these christian groups. That's fine, he as you say is entitled to free speech. all fine.
    He recorded it, and did not get Rachel's permission. Not wise, but ok.
    In Dan Cathy's interview on the Radio, Dan Cathy made not one hateful statement.
    In Adam Smiths video all of the hateful statement's were made by Adam.
    I am sorry for Adam, and especially his family. The truth is, he could have been ok had he not taped it.
    He taped it. ok. He would still be working had he not uploaded it to Youtube.
    I feel sorry for him, but it is his fault he lost both his jobs.
    The truth is He uploaded it fully believing he would be vindicated, and get applause and accolades.
    somehow he was so filled with rage, that even after watching it, and uploading it, he couldn't see how others were seeing it. at least until later.
    Unfortunately we live in an instant video age, but unlike the lady who was filmed walking while texting and walked into a fountain at a mall, Adam uploaded this himself.

  18. Patrick Wright

    I'm not sure about his Sincerity, but He did try to go back to the store, and talk to her, but Rachel didn't want to talk to him. I can't blame her, in the video, he was seething with rage.Generally when someone is treating me like that, I don't wish to talk to them either :-)

  19. Shadi Sidarous

    I can't argue with your points. They are all true and valid. But it still doesn't answer the question: Should the company we work for be able to dictate our beliefs and actions outside of the work place (assuming that it does not violate the law or company policy)? Should companies have the power to terminate an employee for protesting on his own time? Mr. Smith broke no laws. He was not insulting or belligerent. The worst thing he said was Chick-fil-a is a horrible corporation and you deserve to work for a better company. I love Chick-fil-a. I invited hundreds of my friends to support on Wednesday and I ate there 5 times during the 2 weeks prior. But I was there fighting for the right of any man to speak his mind without fear of being boycotted or denied city permits, etc. I could not justify standing up for Mr. Cathy because I agreed with his message and not stand up for Mr. Smith even though I disagreed with his.

  20. Patrick Wright

    Again you are welcome to stand up for him. You say he was not insulting or belligerent. apparently we are talking about completely different video's. I am not familiar with the one you are describing where he was not insulting. He absolutely insulted Rachel, and was belligerent.
    However as to your point. Should the company have the power for protesting on his own time.
    I personally don't believe so. However if you have been reading the stories about this, (And I have) the company Vante's email's and voicemails were overflowing because someone who didn't agree with Adam Smith's video released public information, and apparently an overwhelming number of people were calling and emailing Vante. They decided (as did his University later) that he has become more of a liability than an asset. To understand this you really have to put yourself in their position. Vante and the University had nothing to do with any of this, yet it wound up in their lap. I assume they had a legal reason for firing him. If not I am sure that story will also be on the net later.
    In the case of CFA there were some who were supporting CFA for Dan Cathy's beliefs, After news of the mayors trying to shut him out, There were even more who did not necessarily support CFA for Mr. Cathy's beliefs, but for his right to have them.
    Having read about the position that Vante, and the University were put into. I don't believe this part is about free speech. Unfortunately Adam Smith taped himself Harassing an employee. If you are my employee, I don't care what your belief's are. you are welcome to them. However if your obnoxious behavior fills my emails and voicemail, and becomes a threat to my business, it might be best to cut my losses.

  21. Shadi Sidarous

    First, here's a transcript of the incident. Please point out the part where he insulted her.
    Here I go.
    Hey, how you doin’?
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: Good
    Adam Smith: Is this my free water?
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: It is.
    Adam Smith: You know why I’m getting a free water, right?
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: I do not (cheerfully).
    Adam Smith: Because Chick-fil-A is a hateful corporation.
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: I disagree. I wouldn’t say … we don’t treat any of our customers any differently.
    Adam Smith: I know (interrupts). But you guys … the corporation gives money to hate groups. Hate groups. Just because people want to kiss another guy.
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: I have to stay neutral on this subject.
    Adam Smith: Sorry?
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: I have to stay neutral on this subject. My personal beliefs shouldn’t be in the workplace.
    Adam Smith: I believe that too. I don’t believe corporations should be giving money to hateful groups.
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: I’m really uncomfortable that you’re videotaping me.
    Adam Smith: (I) Totally understand. I’ll take my water
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: It’s my pleasure to serve you always.
    Adam Smith: Of course, I’m glad I can take a little bit of money from Chick-fil-A and maybe less money to hate groups.
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: We’re alway happy to serve every… all of you. All you guys. Anything you need.
    Adam Smith: Have a great day. I don’t know how you live with yourself and work here. I don’t understand it. This is a horrible corporation with horrible values.
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: We’re here to serve you in any way that you need.
    Adam Smith: You deserve better. You deserve better. Rachel you deserve better. OK?
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: I hope you have a nice day.
    Adam Smith: I will. I just did something real good. I feel real purposeful. Thank you so much.
    Adam Smith: I’m a nice guy by the way …
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: You are really nice.
    Adam Smith: … and I’m totally heterosexual. I’m not, not a gay in me. I just can’t stand the hate, you know? You gotta stop. It’s gotta stop, guys. Stand up.
    Chick-fil-A employee Rachel: Have a nice day.
    Adam Smith: Alright, see you guys.

    Second, My point is that his company over-reacted when they received all those calls and emails. They should not have been bullied into a rash decision based on mis-information. Again, I agree it was stupid of him. But worthy of being fired? threatened? vulgar emails?

  22. Patrick Wright

    You didn't consider it an Insult when he told Rachel "I don't know how you live with yourself, and work here? I would consider it an insult, and you can see her reaction in the video. Now of course she at the time only seen what he said to her through the window, since then however whether she has seen it or not she has certainly had the opportunity to watch the entire video with him saying "Anti-Gay Breakfast Sandwich" and "Taste so much better when it's filled with hate. Who has the hate here?
    Yes she was insulted, just as anyone would be with a "I don't see how you live with yourself" comment.
    she has done nothing wrong.
    Now back to the companies Vante, and The University. Should they have fired him?.
    Maybe they did this Publicly, only to let him back later after it dies down.
    My Opinion on it, is they seen him now as more of a Liability than an asset, and I can't blame them.
    Now you wrote originally here, to influence Vante, and I guess others to come to his defense.
    I can come to his defense on his freedom of speech, I can't come to his defense on Harassing an employee.
    I will pray for him for sure, as I am trying to put myself in his position. Everyone makes mistakes.
    If you wish to help him, are you in a position to either hire him? or have someone who can or make a recommendation for him?
    Do you know of a lawyer who will take his case for him against Vante, and the University?
    or maybe you can make a page for him like they did for the Bus Monitor who was harassed by kids.

    I will pray for him, and his family, they need it. I would personally be leery of hiring him for a position in which he has to deal with people. Unless of course I secretly agreed with his whole rant.
    There are some Gay's and those who support them (Like Antoine Dodson) Who while they might agree in general with Adam, Hate how he treated Rachel, and they recognize he is not helping their cause.
    If you wish to help him, here is the link that might help you.

  23. Shadi Sidarous

    I'm just looking for a little compassion for the guy. I'm a firm believer in The Golden Rule and as a person who's acted before fully exploring the consequences myself, I'd like to support the guy in getting his job back. I don't think it's too late. I'm hoping Vante will realize they knee jerked in their reaction. The guy is married, has two biological children and two adopted special needs children. He doesn't sound like your typical liberal hypocrit, just a guy with an opinion and not much common sense. Termination seems too harsh to me. I'm supporting him on a Facebook page, join me if you agree.

  24. Patrick Wright

    Congratulations on your facebook page. I have been to it, I have been praying for him and his family. I also believe in the Golden Rule, but also that we shall reap what we sow. I am praying for him, and maybe this experience he is going through will turn out to be a blessing. I am praying God will reach him. I do believe he insulted Rachel, and although it's on your facebook page, I have already rebutted that he was not in the same position as Dan Cathy. The two do not compare in any way. After putting myself in their position, I can't fault Vante or the University on their decision.
    I do congratulate you on your page, and trying to help him. If you haven't already done so I recommend posting at Huffington Post to bring attention to your facebook page. I would imagine that there would be more at Huff/post that are on Adam's side anyway, and are more likely to join your page.

  25. Patrick Wright

    Shadi, Checked out your page, did you take it down Voluntarily? or is there a problem right now? or Did Vante reinstate him? I tried going to the page, but I get the message "This content is currently unavailable.

  26. Paula Platt

    Even though I think what he did was despicable and can't even imagine how afraid Rachel must've been–the only reason I would want him to have job back is for his wife and four children–he could starve in the streets for all I care…

  27. Paula Platt

    Even though I think what he did was despicable and can't even imagine how afraid Rachel must've been–the only reason I would want him to have job back is for his wife and four children–he could starve in the streets for all I care…

  28. Italia Brewer

    I do believe if someone apologizes and means it sincerely, you Should forgive them. It only makes the agony worse for them. There is nothing worse then feeling awful about doing something you did wrong and feeling sorry and not getting forgiven. It keeps your soul and theirs in torment, when you can both be set free. Please someone give me a job. How about you Chick-fil-A? It would be great public relations and everyone would come.

  29. Loretta McKenna Dion

    He bullied a woman who works for probably less than $10 an hour, rather than send an email to the CEO, multimillionaire of the company, simply for expressing his opinion. The jackass got what he deserved.

  30. Tiffany Davis Daumueller

    I don't think he apologized for believing what he does. He strictly apologized for his behavior which he should have. The end. However, I think that the people who then went and made themselves hypocrites by having hate mail to him and making threats to his family should also have thought first. You can't fight hate with hate… that's so redundant. If they were really concerned about his rudeness it should have been handled differently. I think that he made the video more for the thousands who were upset at him rather than to Rachel. He straight out says that he apologized to Rachel in person the next day for which I say HUGE kuddos to him. You compared his position to you working in retail. I highly doubt that you've experienced someone coming to your work, criticizing you about your employer's beliefs on tape and putting it on line to prove that they are so tough. Completely different story. There are plenty of employees who themselves are gay that were yelled at on that day by unknowing gay rights customers and that disgusts me. Also, there were people who told this workers, I'm so glad you have a company who hates gays…that is horrible. You can't tell me that that is what Jesus would have us do so by having people say they are doing it because they are Christians also seems so hypocritical and sad. We've all acted like idiots before and most of us don't have the guts to admit so right away. I commend him for realizing that right away and making the apology in person.

  31. Doug Daumueller

    So a person can come to my store chew me out for a ploicy I did not write,as long as they are not being rude about my beliefs? My point is everybody has a right to their opinions like those who went to chick-fil-a to show how much they hate gay people. I am sure Jesus would be so proud of them.

  32. Christopher F Cheney

    you l people need to grow the hell up and move on he is sorry he hurt someone he not sorry of his opioion there a difference stop hating…. seriously just stop with the hate you people are not people person. mark your a jerk and not even better than him move on

  33. Christopher F Cheney

    really Jim how about all those people who threating the job where he work yea he went overboard but come on everyone makes mistake where humans he not sorry or only sory he got caught he had every right to his opioion in the conustititon is called freedom of speech read it and move on

  34. Christopher F Cheney

    he tried she refused to talk to him learn the know the story before you open your mouth

  35. Christopher F Cheney

    he has every right to his opinion get over it you suck as human judemental not forgiving a guy who made a error in his ways we are suppose to forgive

  36. Christopher F Cheney

    your alying cut bitch go back ot the kitchen oh wait sorry… I not suppose to mean to women… there not suppose to be heard only seen stop hating

  37. Christopher F Cheney

    Doug Daumueller policy there wasn't a policy they were using there many for there own agenda

  38. Christopher F Cheney

    that mean and sicking no one should wish on anyone anyone you disgutied bitch

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