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Obama Campaign Files Lawsuit Against Ohio’s Early Voting For Military Members Statute


President Barack Obama’s campaign filed a federal lawsuit against Ohio, seeking to eliminate the early voting privileges for military service members. The Obama campaign lawsuit is joined by the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party as co-plaintiffs in the election lawsuit, the Marietta Times reports.

The Obama campaign’s lawsuit against Ohio’s elections officials claims the state’s in-person early voting during the final three days of the election is unfair due to the military and overseas voters only component. Attorney’s for President Obama’s re-election campaign maintain Ohio election laws present a “disparate” type of treatment among voters and is therefore unconstitutional, WKSU notes.

The National Guard Association of the Unites States, Association of the U.S. Army, AMVETS and several other military related organizations banded together to fight the lawsuit, asking the judge in the case to dismiss the Obama campaign lawsuit earlier this week.

“Efforts to facilitate and maximize military voting should be welcomed, not viewed with constitutional suspicion,” the military groups opposing the Obama campaign lawsuit noted in a court filing that seeks to intervene in the case, according to the Marietta Times.”

The military groups opposing the lawsuit by the Obama campaign and Democratic organizations believe that military service members “need extra time” to cast ballots. The military service and veterans organizations are fearful that a ruling in the case would set a precedent impacting military voters nationwide if the Obama campaign lawsuit proceeds.

Currently there are 32 states which afford voters the ability to cast an early ballot either in-prison or through the mail without requiring an excuse for not appearing on election day. During the 2008 election, approximately 30 percent (1.7 million) of Ohio’s vote total were cast through absentee ballots.

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15 Responses to “Obama Campaign Files Lawsuit Against Ohio’s Early Voting For Military Members Statute”

  1. Don Gregg

    So let me get this straight, the clown in the White House wants to let Illegal Aliens who neither have a drivers license, pay no taxes, get food stamps, crowd our emergency rooms and use our schools, fill our prisons and hate our country's standards the right to vote, but doesn't want to give our military men and women who fight for their rights to suck us dry a few extra days to vote? Makes me want to vote for that clown and his racist Attorney General…

  2. Scott Deaton

    No, Don, that's not right, it's backwards. The Obama administration is trying to restore the three day early voting to regular citizens, which was inexplicably removed for them, so that ALL Ohioans have early vote, not just the military.
    Here's the first line of the complaint:

    Plaintiffs bring this lawsuit to restore in-person early voting for all Ohioans during.
    the three days prior to Election Day – a right exercised by an estimated 93,000.
    Ohioans in the last presidential election.

    Here's a link to the complaint:

  3. Anonymous

    How come some many right wingers like to spread lies? This story has about 2% truth and rest is BS.

  4. Nick Nielsen

    I'm not aware of any state that allows anybody "in-prison" to vote at any time, much less three days early…

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt

    It's a lie. The suit does the exact opposite of what you claim. It makes early voting available for EVERYONE in Ohio. If you can't help Romney by telling the truth, shut up and go away.

  6. Lewis Chasalow

    No, this article has it wrong purposely to inflame people. The law they are challenging didn't give extra time to the military, but took it away from everybody else. This suit seeks to revert back to the old law, under which everybody, including the military could take advantage of the same early voting period.

  7. Paula Marentette

    So umpteen US military organizations are fighting a lawsuit before bothering to find out what's in it? For crying out loud, are members of the American military illiterate? Either that, or the Republicans have our dear service members and veterans so brainwashed that they can't be bothered to read a few simple words and think for themselves.

  8. Bret Lunsford

    Asinine comments about our military, that's great. They didn't say the great men and women of our military are responsible for the law suit. They said " these organizations." Did you read the article or are you brainwashed?!?!?!?! If you feel the need to say anything to our military heroes,that is if they will listen, it should be thank you for protecting your right to make asinine comments like this!!!!!!!! You sound like a self-serving individual with nothing on your mind but you. I feel sorry for the people around you that you have brainwashed at the expense of our military, our kids, and our freedoms. This is the true tragedy in this country. "Me me me me me me! Forget about anyone else." It's truly pathetic. Thank the lord for our military. Most of us feel that we owe them a great debt, sorry for the rest who do not appreciate their service for all of us. Sorry for any votes that may not have been able to be cast by the military, while I assume that it wasn't a problem for the illegals to cast a ballot in Ohio after the sec of state tried to get voter issues resolved with the DOJ ( fast and furious Eric Holder) who would do nothing and refused to comment on why none eligible voters were still signed up to vote in one county amounting to 109 registered voters for every 100 eligible and in another county, 104 voters per 100 eligible voters. Some precincts had 0% for Mitt Romney and 99% for the obama-nation they call a president, but I guess that's because there are no voting issues and they liked Obama that much. Yeah right! When will people learn that you can't spend more then you make without someone paying the consequence. With 53 % tax payers producing something that actually is a positive good or service (which I believe to actually to be much less) the rest are vampires to the country and would like more of your money.
    "It's not fair. You owe me. It's your fault, not mine. I'm special. Why should they have so much just because they worked harder? The government should take responsibility for my actions or in-actions. They can afford it. Wah wah wah."

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