Man Gets Boob-Job for his Cowgirl Tattoo

From deep inside the musty hallways of the ‘you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up’ department: A man recently had breast augmentation surgery. That in itself is rather unusual, but what pushes it over the top is that the boob-job is for the cowgirl tattoo inked on his arm.

First photo, left side, is the cowgirl tattoo pre-boob-job. Right side shows a surgical procedure where the implant is being inserted and positioned.


And here’s a photo of the cowgirl post-boob-job, flaunting her newly acquired assets.


Yeah, pretty freaky. But what I find equally as freaky is the cowgirl’s legs and bikini area – and the hair growing on the guys arm. If you’re going to the extent of haveing surgery to get something implanted in your body to enhance a tattoo, a little bikini and leg wax won’t kill ya, would it?

Any Inquisitr readers got ink? Would any of ya’ll ever consider doing something like this for the sake of enhancing your body art?

[Props to the peeps at Ugliest Tattoos for the story and pics]