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Woman twitters through bank robbery


This morning, a woman in Manhattan used Twitter to pass the time through an ultra-boring bank stickup.

@TravelingAnna stopped at the HSBC branch at 5 Penn Plaza (34th St. at 8th Ave.) around 9am, but the trip took a turn for the twitter-worthy when the bank was held up. Anna tweeted:

my bank was just held up- with me in it. HSBC 34 and 8. also my whole trackball is GONE!!! im locked in the bank still.

they wont let us leave the bank.

cant figure out how to call work without a trackball… police just arrived. maybe theyll let me go now.

they want to question us. i didnt even notice this gappenning (sic) while i was standing there

While the bank robbery and aftermath were interesting, a second, perhaps more sinister tragedy was unfolding (illustrated above) regarding Anna’s serious Blackberry issues. Unable to respond via SMS or e-mail, trackballess Anna was forced to recount the harrowing ordeal solely through the medium of Twitter.

repeat: my trackball is gone. cant pick up calls, answer emails, or texts. so dont send them please.

STFU, loved ones! The trackball issue was so consuming, Anna didn’t even notice the robbery itself.

no i didnt hit the floor. i didnt even notice and he was two people in front of me. i suck.

And thanks to the miracle of the interwebs, Anna didn’t even have to get up out the bank before haters started bashing her in the comments on Gothamist.

someone on Gothamist just told me to fall down a man hole. geez, get a life, buddy.

cant defend my honor because I cant scroll to the reply box, but whatever. that guy can kiss my ass. im the one locked in a bank.

Luckily for Anna, the ordeal ended quickly due to a surveillance avoidance fail:

they totally got the guy. cop said he was lazy. walked right into several Penn station security cams. #fail

And there was even a #happyending. (No, not the Chinatown kind.)

@skydiver Holy followers haha

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10 Responses to “Woman twitters through bank robbery”

  1. seriouslyppl

    what a retarded woman. OMG Twitter! I must twitter during a bank robbery!

    What a shame this waste of life wasn't shot.

  2. paulster

    Yes, how fucking retarded of her. How the hell did she, nor anyone else for that matter, not notice that a person in normal clothes, no mask, no visible gun pass a note to the teller as a silent alarm sounded to the police station? What a fucking waste of a life, I cannot fathom how she did not run to assist the teller by assaulting the unknown gunman with her already broken blackberry.

  3. #NotaTwit

    Darwin was obviously going after this woman and failed. May he succeed tomorrow.

  4. ourgenerationislol

    I agree, IF I was robbing a bank and some girl was tweeting it behind me I'd say screw the cash and I'd murder her Blackberry then maybe slap her really really hard in the face. Then leave quietly…. We live in such a pathetic society, its sickneing…

  5. Name

    Color me crazy, but it looks to me like she tweets AFTER the bank was robbed. I see nothing to indicate the woman twittered through the robbery.

    I am concerned about her trackball though. That's horrible.

  6. kirk007

    pretty sure banks discourage annocements of the branchs being robbed watch for her to be fired for this one

  7. Readinghelps

    kirk007 11 hours ago
    pretty sure banks discourage annocements of the branchs being robbed watch for her to be fired for this one

    If you actually read the twitter or the article you will notice she is a customer and not an employee. Next time stop and actually read stuff before posting on it.

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