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‘Marvel Heroes’ Celebrates The Second Season Of ‘Daredevil’ On Netflix With New Event

New costumes, a new event, and a free character are just a few of the ways Marvel Heroes players can commemorate the release of the second season of Daredevil on Netflix. The action RPG updated today with a large server side experience bonus, a new event vendor with unique rewards, and even new achievements to coincide with the second season of Marvel’s popular series.

The Daredevil event is now underway with a 200 percent bonus to experience over the weekend in addition to other revelry. Marvel Heroes can log in on Saturday or Sunday to receive a free Daredevil playable hero, and select characters will earn 50 percent more experience during the week-long portion of the event. Specifically, Daredevil, Punisher, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist will benefit from the extra experience according to the official site.

Marvel Heroes
The Order from the Hand terminal in Avenger’s Tower [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]
Experience boosts and the free Daredevil unlock are just the beginning, too. Until March 24, players can defeat The Hand and collect Orders from the Hand to purchase new artifacts or valuable item boxes. A terminal located near the Avenger’s Tower waypoint will let players spend their Orders from the Hand, and players can even see how they stack up to each other with the latest leaderboard tracking The Hand kills by players using Daredevil. Orders from the Hand and artifact prizes will be given to player each day when the leaderboard resets for players that participate as well as those that rank higher on the board. There is even a Daredevil and Punisher sale going on in Marvel Heroes right now, too. Players can save 25 percent off of the heroes themselves and their costumes. The newest costumes inspired by the Netflix show are not included in the sale, but they are available now.

With the event to celebrate Marvel’s Daredevil underway, players in Marvel Heroes will be pleased to try out Daredevil’s latest revision. The hero now has two specialization options, a new Stamina resource instead of Spirit, and a number of ability changes. Daredevil can now swing from a cable connected to his baton, and he can opt to no longer utilize combo points if the player chooses, for instance. The character’s unique items have also been reviewed and are different from what players used before the update. A full list of changes to Daredevil can be found on the game’s official forums.

Marvel Heroes
New Daredevil and Punisher costumes in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]
In addition to Marvel’s Daredevil event, players can also log in to collect Saint Patrick’s Day power-ups and other items. Collect five of the Lucky Power-ups to unlock a loot explosion that includes unique drops, Saint Patrick’s Day items, Legendary Pieces of Rainbow, and more. The event items can be sold for credits or donated to level crafters while the Legendary Pieces of Rainbow can be used to create the Legendary item the Pot of Gold of Cassidy Keep. Moreover, a 50 percent server side rare item and special item find is running, and players can receive daily gifts each day just for logging in to Marvel Heroes.

Both the Daredevil event and the Saint Patrick’s Day event will last until March 24. The 200 percent experience bonus will end after the weekend, but a 100 percent bonus will continue until both the events are over. It is also important to log in to Marvel Heroes on Saturday or Sunday to ensure receiving the free Daredevil hero token. Players that already have Daredevil unlocked can use this token to add an extra rank to the hero’s ultimate ability.

Marvel Heroes regularly updates with new heroes, team-ups, events, and more. Green Goblin is the latest playable character released with Elektra coming soon. This month the game has joined Marvel in celebrating female characters with the “Women of Power” campaign. As part of the ongoing promotion, a Rescue team-up and the American Dream costume for Captain America are coming soon. The former, of course, is Pepper Potts in her signature suit ready to aid allies in battle while the latter is an enhanced costume featuring a female Captain America model. Both characters are imminent, but there is no firm release date as of this writing. As the Inquisitr reported, both characters could release as early as this month as part of the “Women of Power” event, but the promotion will extend through the spring and summer as well, pushing their release a little later.

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]