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Miley Cyrus’ Yoga Workout: Singer Claims It Keeps Her Centered

To most, Miley Cyrus is strange and off the wall. But to Miley, she’s just being Miley. The singer revealed that regular yoga sessions have helped her stay centered and sane despite her wild onstage persona.

The 23-year-old pop star is just one of the many celebrities who have credited yoga for their insane physiques. Cyrus took to Instagram to share several photos of herself showing off her morning yoga routine. She admitted to her fans that it’s how she stays in shape these days.

“Gotta do yoga not for my body but for my mind! DO YOGA or GO CRAZY,” she wrote in one of the videos.

Check out the videos for yourself below. She’s seen practicing a series of yoga poses such as the sun salutation, the downward dog, and the child’s pose. As you can see, Cyrus is insanely flexible.

starting da day right

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Gotta do yoga not for my body but for my mind! DO YOGA or GO CRAZY!

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In one of the photos, Miley is seen taking a break with her cat and showing off her incredibly toned stomach. “Post yoga kitty time #Harlem #Kiki #Lilo #Shanti,” the singer wrote.

Post yoga kitty time ❤️ #Harlem #Kiki #Lilo #Shanti

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Then the “Wrecking Ball” singer went back onto the yoga mat and shared two more routines from her yoga regimen.

Lol this one funny

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Final postures #final3 #closing #chant #ashtanga

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Then, in total Miley style, she shared this meme, poking fun at her yoga skills.

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As reported by Celebrity Health Fitness, Miley Cyrus stays in shape with a vegan diet, Pilates, and regular yoga sessions. She also likes to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle by either hiking or running.

Cyrus has somewhat tamed down her image since reuniting with ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth. She has also denied that she abuses hardcore drugs and psychedelics, and that she’s in better shape these days, thanks to a strict diet and fitness regimen, as previously reported. Cyrus has said that she trains five to six days a week to strengthen her core and improve her posture. She also went on a vegan diet in 2014 shortly after the death of her dog Floyd, and credits it for keeping her energized and healthy.

Miley’s Pilates instructor, Mari Winsor, revealed that the actress and singer loves working out. She does Pilates an hour each day and fits a quick yoga session in her schedule, whenever she can. Back in 2014, Mari dished to E! News about some of Miley’s toning exercises.

“Miley loves the leg springs because they really help to sculpt and firm the buttocks, inner thighs…the whole leg actually.”

Some of Cyrus’ other favorite Pilates moves include the hundred, the double leg stretch, and the crisscross, which can all be performed at home on a mat. When Cyrus is on the road, she watches Winsor’s Lower Body Pilates DVD along with Flab Abs Pilates.

Winsor also credits herself for Cyrus’ incredible legs. She revealed to People‘s StyleWatch some of the moves that keeps her in tip-top shape.

“When we work out we don’t just do a couple of moves. It’s at least a half an hour of working out … You have to learn how to not just tighten up your tummy but actually pull your tummy in to your lower back as much as you can. Just doing 40 crunches a day isn’t gonna do it for you.”

Cyrus is a very busy woman these days. She’s starring in Woody Allen’s upcoming Amazon series and she’s reportedly working on some new music, not to mention her upcoming wedding to the hot Australian actor.

What are your thoughts on Miley Cyrus’ toned body? Have you ever tried yoga or Pilates? Sound off below in the comments section.

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