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Waist Trainer Lawsuit: Why The Kardashians’ Favorite Trainer Is In Trouble

Both the Kardashians and the Jenner sisters have become the social media role models that young girls look up to. The younger fans want to not only dress like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, but they want to look just like them, too. Meanwhile, the older women want to have the same exaggerated curves that the Kardashian sisters are known for. The famous sisters often take photos of themselves wearing waist trainers on their Instagram accounts.

So, what’s a waist trainer? It’s an elastic material that “burns fatty tissue by making you sweat, targets the back, torso, waist and abdomen areas,” according to the Waist Gang Society’s website. Think of it as a corset that you wear outside of the bedroom and into the gym.

Shockingly enough, the Kardashians’ favorite waist trainer company is involved in a major lawsuit. The Waist Gang Society is being sued by customers who claim that the product doesn’t live up to the hype. The company sells the waist training corsets in a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. The Waist Gang Society claims that the trainers will give users a strengthened core and a curvier shape while burning fat.

The lawsuit was filed by a group of women targeting the company for false advertising. They said that they did not burn fat by wearing the trainers. They even quoted a doctor who called out the company for providing misleading information to their customers.

“Corsets do not cause you to permanently lose fat in the midsection: they cause a redistribution of the fat and organs in the trunk.”

The company’s founder, PreMadonna, states on the website that the waist trainers are a “unique and efficient way to help women shed unwanted inches and feel good about themselves — no diet and exercise required!”

I'm really obsessed with waist training! Thank you @premadonna87 for my new waist shapers! #whatsawaist

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The website also features photos of the Kardashian and Jenner clan proudly wearing the trainers, although it has been specifically stated that they are not involved in the lawsuit. The lawsuit has demanded $5 million and an injunction against the Waist Gang Society for misleading customers with false advertising.

“Despite the knowledge that their advertising and marketing are misleading to consumers, defendant continues to advertise, distribute, label, manufacture and market the Products in a misleading and deceptive manner,” the court documents reveal.

Not only does the lawsuit reveal that the waist trainers are ineffective, but there are also serious health risks associated with them. Both scientists and doctors have warned that wearing these corsets can cause serious damage to the lungs, internal organs, and rib area, as explained by Dyan Hes, M.D. in the following quote below. It doesn’t sound like waist training is even worth all of the pain, damage, and health problems you will end up with in the long-term.

“The constant compression can cause a lot of problems. There are stories about waist trainers fracturing ribs, but the force of this device isn’t powerful enough to fracture bones. However, the compression on the lungs makes it harder to breathe.”

It’s quickly become a cult favorite among countless celebrities. The Kardashians aren’t the only ones who have posed in their waist trainers on Instagram. Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, and Farrah Abraham are just some of the others who have been known to use them. But does waist training really work? With the risk of problems, Dr. Hes and medical professionals say that the results are only temporary.

“There are no lasting benefits. Putting this on will not make you thinner; it will only make you appear thinner until you take it off. When you stop using it, everything goes back to where it was before.”

Long story short, you look curvier only while you’re wearing the waist trainer. And that could cause damaging effects on your self-esteem and body image perceptions. It’s a gateway to eating disorders and other psychological problems. Alexis Conason, Psy. D., a New York City-based psychologist, warns that wearing the trainers tightly can also make it impossible to eat enough food during the day. That’s why some under the #waisttraining hashtag have reported losing weight from the dangerous contraption.

Some safer alternatives to waist training include the tried and true diet and exercise. For example, you can eat clean and lift weights, or do Pilates instead to get the same desired results.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Kardashians should be involved in the lawsuit? They have become the major faces of waist training. They shamelessly promote the product on social media, citing that the ones from the Waist Gang Society are what gives them their signature hourglass figures. Do you disagree and find that wearing a waist trainer helps give you good results? Sound off below in the comments section.

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