Jennifer Lawrence’s Ariana Grande Impersonation: Will The Real J. Law Please Stand Up

Jennifer Lawrence enjoys “spotted dick” with whipped cream during a cheeky Saturday Night Takeaway skit, according to Metro. The Hunger Games actress played a game called “The Hungry Games,” organized by kids Little Ant and Dec along with her co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson.

Jennifer Lawrence has just made ITV’s Saturday Night Takeaway inappropriate for family viewing. But let’s face it: it wasn’t entirely her fault. Lawrence was set up!

During a new skit called “The Hungry Games,” Jennifer Lawrence guessed what has been put in her mouth by the little rascals. When the kids put spotted dick in Lawrence’s mouth, the 25-year-old actress first made a guess that it was a spotted muffin, but then after the kids gave her a hint that it contains a swear word in it, she guessed it right.

And when Jennifer Lawrence found out that this spotted dick had whipped cream on it, that’s when she took a naughty turn by licking the spotted dick and saying how great it was.

Little Ant and Dec then put some pork pies in Jennifer Lawrence’s mouth, and challenged the American Hustle actress to a round of arm wrestling, in which the boys won.

On the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, Ariana Grande was shining like a diamond with her “Dangerous Woman” and “Be Alright” performances as well as that spot-on impression of The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, according to Vanity Fair.

The “Focus” singer — who started out as an actress in kid-coms Victorious and Sam and Cat, and most certainly has what it takes to make an audience laugh — has once again proven her excellent impression skills. It turns out the singer can do an impression of not only singers using her vocals skills, but can also look and act like famous actresses. In particular, Grande impersonated Jennifer Lawrence on Saturday.

While there are surely a number of celebrities that almost anyone can do an impression of, i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger (“get to da choppa!”), Donald Trump (“yuuuge!”), Matthew McConaughey (“alright, alright, alright”), Harrison Ford (by playing with eyebrows), and many others, Jennifer Lawrence seemed like one of those celebrities that would be difficult to impersonate. Until now.

During Saturday Night Live‘s parody of Family Feud, Grande proved that she can do a spot-on impression of almost every single celebrity.

The “Love Me Harder” singer is the champion of Jennifer Lawrence impressions. Until Grande’s impression of Jennifer Lawrence, many celebrities had tried to parody the Hunger Games actress. And it wasn’t really a big deal; just make fun of yourself for being clumsy and struggling with gravity, and that’s it – you’re J. Law. But Grande has shown something much more entertaining and clever.

In particular, the “Dangerous Woman” singer wore a Jennifer Lawrence blonde wig and delivered a spot-on vocal impression of the actress. The singer managed to nail pretty much every tone of the Academy Award-winning actress’ voice. Fans watching this Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live with their eyes closed probably thought it was actually Jennifer Lawrence who was talking.

Watch the impersonation here.

Jennifer Lawrence spent some quality time with her friends last week, according to the Daily Mail. Although it seems like a stressful period for the Joy actress – with all the awards ceremonies, promoting of the DVD release of her latest Hunger Games movie, as well as filming her new sci-fi adventure movie Passengers– she still manages to find time for her friends.

The 25-year-old was photographed having dinner at a Los Angeles Italian restaurant on Friday. Jennifer Lawrence was wearing an all black outfit with skinny jeans and wedge shoes.

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