Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Can The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Challenge Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4?

Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S was a hit at the CES show in January, with many people saying it will be a great alternative to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. It attracted more attention than just about any tablet that was at CES this year.

The Verge described Samsung’s latest tablet device as “like an Android tablet running Windows 10” and, overall, was thrilled about the tablet, especially its display.

“But the star of the show is unsurprisingly Samsung’s Super AMOLED display, which measures 12 inches diagonally and has a 2160 x 1440 pixel resolution. Its bright, colorful, and has great viewing angles, which will come as no surprise anyone that’s used a recent Samsung smartphone.”

Microsoft Surface Pro 4
The Samsung Galaxy TabPro X is being compared to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. [Photo via Daryl Deino]
The review goes on to note that Samsung claims that its power-efficient display helps the device last 10.5-hours on a single charge — something that hasn’t been tested yet. In addition, Samsung has made software that allows TabPro S owners to link their Galaxy phones to the tablet and use them for fingerprint authentication.

Some were wondering when the device would be available for purchase. There were hints that it would be available at the end of January, but that didn’t pan out. Well, there is no need to wonder anymore as Samsung has just put the TabPro S up for sale. Engadget has the news.

“If you had your eye on the Surface Pro 4, but wanted something a little less Microsoft-branded, Samsung’s got an alternative just for you. The company’s Galaxy TabPro S is available to order in the US and UK as of today for $899 and £849, respectively.”

As Engadget notes, the price will get you an Intel 6th generation dual-core Core M processor clocked at 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM, and a 128GB solid state drive. The fact that it doesn’t have an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor could really turn off a lot of buyers. The comments underneath the article were mixed.

“No USB port(s) on a Windows OS tablet? Seems like a huge negative in comparison to a Surface,” claims Brokenpinata.

However, the commenter didn’t realize that it does have a USB-C port, which commenter crisss1205 says you can get an adapter for.

There is some excitement for the Galaxy TabPro S on Twitter.

USA Today did a first impressions review today and they came away impressed.

“The keys seemed to have decent travel in the brief time I spent banging away on the keyboard…The screen itself, the Super AMOLED type, 12-inch display is lovely, and as I discovered taking it out onto a balcony at a Samsung press event here, visible even outdoors.”

The one thing the TabPro S doesn’t come with right now is a digital pen, but Samsung says it will offer one soon. On the other hand, Microsoft includes a pen with its Surface Pro 4. Unlike the TabPro S, it doesn’t include the Type Cover, which costs $129 extra.

Ever since Microsoft hit gold with the Surface Pro 3, companies such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo, among others, have tried to come out with their own versions of Microsoft’s flagship laptop/tablet hybrid. Unfortunately, none have succeeded. Will the Samsung TabPro S change things? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]