Oprah Reveals 5 Weight Loss Secrets That Help Shed Weight Fast And You Don't Have To Give Up Bread

Oprah Reveals 5 Weight Loss Secrets That Helped Her Shed 30 Pounds: No Need To Give Up Favorite Foods, Even Bread [Video]

When Oprah Winfrey announced her partnership with Weight Watcher a few months ago, it didn’t take long for the company to see a 20 percent profit increase, to date. Not only did Oprah invest in the company, but she decided to change her way of eating, hoping the result would be a healthy weight loss. She lost 26 pounds, and she didn’t have to give up bread to shed the weight.

Today shared Oprah’s five go-to weight loss secrets that have helped her stay motivated and focused on eating well and losing weight. Winfrey explained that she has lost weight many times only to gain it back; however, this time, she wanted to lose weight for good and do it in a healthy way. Oprah noted that was what lead to her partnership with Weight Watchers; she believed in the program.

Oprah’s first weight loss secret was to embrace seafood because it has a high level of protein and very little fat.

“When available, say YES to seafood — it is your friend.”

When traveling in Australia recently, Winfrey found a fish called barramundi, and it’s her recent favorite. It can be difficult to find in the states, so when she cannot find it, she opts for cod.

Of course, Oprah enjoys Chilean sea bass and salmon as well but rarely eats them because they have more calories than the cod — which naturally means they have more points in them. She recently discovered that shrimp has the least amount of calories of all the seafood. She can have 77 large shrimp for only six points — equivalent to roughly three to four ounces of salmon.

Secondly, implement the root vegetable jicama into your diet, and pair it with something savory for a snack. Oprah shared that the veggie could be found at the grocery store with the root vegetables. It has a large bulb and thick (uneditable) brown stem. Apparently, it is her favorite because it is crunchy and can easily be paired with a savory item to fill you up, leaving you satisfied. The bulb can be opened and peeled back, and it has a nutty and earthy flavor. Winfrey recommended it as a replacement to potato chips and promises that it will satisfy your need to snack endlessly on junk foods.

Next up, Oprah did what no other weight loss guru has done before and acknowledged that spaghetti squash noodles are not equal to pasta. She admitted that she tried to substitute it for fewer points, but for her, she just couldn’t stomach it. Her weight loss hack was to add 3/8 cups (two points worth) of real pasta to the squash and sauce, and viola, it tasted delicious again.

Oprah claims that mashed cauliflower tastes like potatoes, with fewer carbs and calories. Recently, she had friends over for dinner and served mashed cauliflower with one potato added for texture. Winfrey said that her guests had no idea they were eating cauliflower, and it saved her possibly hundreds of calories. The bonus is that it tastes great. Weight Watchers shared an amazing mashed cauliflower and potato recipe that only has three points per serving.

The last weight loss tip Oprah revealed was to drink more water, even if you don’t particularly like water. Winfrey admitted that she wasn’t the biggest fan of water, but she knows that it does help accelerate weight loss by reducing hunger. For that reason alone, Oprah stated that [she] tries daily to implement more water in her diet. She recommended that if you don’t really like water to add fruit to your water or even a hint of vanilla or lemon.

Since she began her partnership with Weight Watchers over six months ago, Oprah has lost 26 pounds by following the point program. She has stated she started her weight loss journey again because she believes in the program, and vows to change her eating habits, for good.

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