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No Chick-Fil-A Comment Regrets, Rahm Emanuel Says

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As the strange Chick-Fil-A rift currently dividing America continues to deepen, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel says he does not regret speaking out amid the controversy to say the chain’s anti-gay stance doesn’t reflect the values of his city.

Rahm Emanuel is only one of a few big-city mayors that have condemned Chick-Fil-A’s stance during the controversy — Boston and San Francisco as well told the chain that their cities did not approve of the comments and actions many Americans believe are homophobic as the controversy rages.

The city mayors as well as the Muppets have thrown support to the gay community, with the latter yanking their branded toys from Chick-Fil-A kids meals in July. But notables Sarah Palin and viral video star Antoine Dodson have spoken up to defend the chain, with the former VP candidate supporting its values and the YouTube sensation saying that despite being an openly gay man, the company’s views do not affect his feelings about their “bangin’ waffle fries.”

Originally, Emanuel had said:

“Chick-Fil-A values are not Chicago values… They disrespect our fellow neighbors and residents… This would be a bad investment, since it would be empty.”

Despite much handwringing across the US about “Chick-Fil-A’s First Amendment rights,” Emanuel stood by his comments about the chain’s values. He explained:

“…the simple reason is, when it comes to values, there’s a policy as it relates to gay marriage. The values of our city are ones that welcome and recognize that, and I will continue to fight for that.”

Do you think that it’s within a mayor’s scope to condemn views that are deemed by some as hateful, like those of Chick-Fil-A?

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10 Responses to “No Chick-Fil-A Comment Regrets, Rahm Emanuel Says”

  1. Anonymous

    How about Dude Fill A? The 3-D billboards would be very distracting.

  2. Phyllis Avery

    Rahm is such an idiot. he condemns Chick-fil-A and it's owners for their beliefs on gay marriage but welcomes Farrakhan to Chicago to help with the black on black crime. Farrakhan's muslim religion vows to kill homosexuals. Chicago has no values nor does Emanuel.

  3. Robert Elart Waters

    I seem to recall Mayor Emanuel recently appealing to the "values" of gang-bangers in an effort to get them not to murder children. Maybe theirs are the "Chicago values" he's talking about.

  4. Amy Day

    the muppets didn't throw any "support"… it was the Jim Henson Co…. and not Mr. Henson, his offspring…

  5. Stephen Schoenhoff

    If Ram could just get a handle on his foot-in-mouth disease, he could win Mr. Congeniality. It could happen. There are other dirty commies in history that were very congenial. Kruschev, for instance.

  6. Sean Baldwin

    They say the Westboro Baptist Church has no congregation. I disagree. Look and see who has supported the Chick-Fil-A hate mongering and you will find your WBC congregation in absentia.

  7. Patrick Frye

    This amounts to a persecuting a supposed "thought crime" since Chik-Fil-A serves homosexuals as any other customer. They even have some homosexual employees. Even during the Chik-Fil-A support day stores were ordered to give free food and drinks to protesters.

  8. Cathy Frye

    This story goes to show, some people simply refuse the truth, even when the facts say they should think otherwise! They just choose not to believe.

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