Three Years Left To Save The World

Three Years Left To Save The World, Former BBC Broadcaster David Icke Warns Of Impending Disaster

If the world doesn’t wake up soon, mankind could find itself living in a very real version of the Matrix controlled by sinister shape shifting reptilian beings with disturbing plans for the earth.

The self proclaimed “son of God” David Icke has launched a world tour to warn mankind of the impending doom presented by a group of sinister elite psychopaths using AI computer technology, reports the Express.

My opinion after looking at it for several years is that this world is ultimately controlled by a self-aware equivalent of a computer virus.

Stephen Hawking agrees with Icke’s theory that computer artificial intelligence could pose a threat to mankind, but questions the timing presented by the self proclaimed “son of God.”

During a two-hour long YouTube interview, Icke warns that mankind only has until 2018 to stop the self-aware machines from taking over the world, according to his website Exposing the Dreamworld.

“I believe if the Internet is not self-aware yet, it is in the process of becoming self aware.”

Before coming out as the “son of God,” David Icke worked as a BBC sports broadcaster and professional soccer player who went on to lead the British Green Party.

Since his admittance to the Godhead, Icke has dropped out of the mainstream media and become an “awakening guru,” working the conspiracy theory circuit with several books and tours to his credit.

His theories are based on the secret that the reptilian beings, named the Babylonian Brotherhood, are controlling the world. This most secret and powerful group includes George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II.

He also endorses the theory that 9/11 was an inside job, the 7/7 London attacks were staged, and the world’s banking system is inherently corrupt.

Icke’s upcoming world tour will focus on saving mankind from a group of sinister reptilian aliens who control the world with the help of an advanced computer virus we are all subjected to from birth, reports the Express.

“This virus, when it overwhelms someone, they become psychopaths, and if you look at the story of some certain bloodlines they have been genetically engineered to run the world for the virus.”

Icke says the fictional movies The Matrix and Transcendence paint an accurate picture of the world as it could become if the computer AI isn’t stopped in time.

“In 2016, 17 and 18 it will be so important, as it moves on it will be much more difficult to turn it back to say the least. We have three years left.”

The world is controlled by an elite group of reptilian beings who control the banking, political and media world to give the secret virus time to spread across the world, reports the Express.

“But you cannot trust your five senses, they just show us the programme.”

All is not lost, however. To survive the world’s impending doom, everyone simply needs to wake up and understand Icke’s theory, see the truth, and transcend to a higher energy vibration level.

David Icke has made headlines in Britain recently with his call for a “Brexit,” or British exit from the European Union — he claims the central government was created to take away freedoms from Europeans and install tyranny.

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