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Teen Mob Steals Jeans: Flashmob In Chicago Nabs $3,000 Of Merchandise [Video]

A teen mob in Chicago made off with $3,000 worth of jeans

A teen mob caught on tape stealing $3,000 worth of jeans from a Chicago store could soon be paying for their actions.

The flash mob robbery, which took place over the weekend, was caught by the security cameras of the Wicker Park store. Since sharing video of the teen mob stealing the jeans with CBS 2 News, the owner of the store said he has received several tips about the identity of some of the robbers.

Luke Cho, owner of Mildblend Supply Co., put the video on YouTube, hoping that the images would lead police to some of the robbers or at least shame family or friends into turning them in. The ploy worked, with tips rolling into Cho, CBS 2 reported.

Cho said he knew something wasn’t right when the teens began flooding his Milwaukee Avenue store at around 6:40 p.m. on Saturday.

“You see a group a group of teenagers walking in – or marching in – one-by-one. As you can see, it looks like it’s some kind of procession,” Cho told CBS 2 while reviewing the surveillance video on Sunday.

He tried to lock the door when he realized the teen mob intended to steal from his store and told staff to call 911. It was too late, as the teen mob moved into a corner beneath a security camera and set out to steal an expensive brand of jeans called Nudie Jeans.

“We happen to be one of the few that sell Nudie Jeans in the city,” Cho said of the $200-a-pair jeans.

The teen mob stole the jeans, with many of them grabbing other merchandise to stuff into backpacks. When they went to leave they realized that Cho had locked them in, and banged on the door to get out before figuring out how to unlock it themselves and rushing out into the street.

Cho says he has dealt with a dozen shoplifters since his store opened six months ago, but none as sophisticated as the teen mob, MyFoxChicago reported.

Thanks to the tips from customers who saw the video, Cho now believes he has names of about six of the 22 people he said were part of the teen mob. Police have received further tips about the identity of other flash mob robbers.

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120 Responses to “Teen Mob Steals Jeans: Flashmob In Chicago Nabs $3,000 Of Merchandise [Video]”

  1. Luis Angel Gonzalez Jr.

    Are you trying to make a point or just being stupid?

  2. Anonymous

    They look like animals and act like animals and should be shot.

  3. Jack Carter

    teen mob? stop instulting our intelligence. BLACK MOB is what it is. throw the reporter in jail for concealing the truth to the American public.

  4. Bryan Gilchrist

    If you "have" to have a $200 pair of jeans, you have issues. By the way, those $200 jeans were made by the same kid that gets paid 10 cents an hour to make $10 jeans as well. So, ask yourself what you're "really" paying for…or, in this case, stealing.

  5. Negeen Behdad

    What the heck…maybe I'm missing something here but how is that not obvious, a huge group of male thug-like teenagers all walking into the store, eyeing the expensive jeans, and carrying backpacks? jeez lock the store as soon as you see them COMING.

  6. Shannon Kay

    Come on now… when I see a flash mob I expect Hammer Time dancing to break out. Disappointing.

  7. Anonymous

    should have known it was a bunch of African American teens doin this shit.

  8. Shawn Rodriguez

    Chicago, home of shooting deaths, robbery, rape, mob rule, and obama. Coincidence? I don't think so. Not to worry though, four more years of obama, and the whole country will be just like Chicago.

  9. Bryan Gilchrist

    Yes, lets blame Obama for a bunch of kids going into a store and stealing clothes. *sigh*

  10. Alisha Gizri

    As a matter of fact, they did lock them in. But they forced themselves out. Chicago police has very poor response times due to cut-backs.

  11. Jevon Weaver

    soooooo black folks don't have anything to say about this. it amazes me what we complain about. putting my head and smh.

  12. Murray Goldman

    This so called "Flash Mob" is just another case of niggers gone wild! So typical of black youth, intimidate and steal and beat up whitey!

  13. Danielle Muslimswagstastic

    Y'allah! How are people raising there kids these days? I didn't even see the video and I was like please don't let them Black- Please don't let em be Black- Well so much for that! Come on Black Parents we have to do better.

  14. Murray Goldman

    look at all the so called flash mobs stealing from stores, they are doing it because they have a black president backing them up, MAYBE WE NEED ANOTHER BEER SUMMIT…

  15. Anonymous

    This is the kind of stuff that makes the stereo types appear true….smh.Its always Those few that make it bad for the rest of us.—- I just want to say Not all black people steal.

  16. Ericka Burnough Alvarez

    Some of the dumb comments…..racial comments are sad. Not all white people hate black people anymore than all black people steal. Dumb kids are dumb kids….if this pack of kids was white, asian or any other color….still dumb.

  17. Anonymous

    The breakdown of American society in general and African-American kids growing up without discipline. It's really a shame and yes I'm Black. The problem in America is there is no more shame. White people can be openly racists no shame. Black kids commit these crimes and there is no shame only glorification of the gangster culture that they now worship. So sad and no it's not the President's fault. It's all of our faults because we have raised a nation of lazy, incompetent, drug induced kids. Black, white and Hispanic. We're all going down the tubes because we have lost all of our values. Very sad.

  18. Anonymous

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  19. Anonymous

    Bryan Gilchrist – thanks for your ignorance…not quite a coincidence

  20. Jay Martí-Boz

    We all know who is doing it? — What is that really supposed to mean? The question is rhetorical, don't worry about answering. What absolutely annoys me is the fact that we're even discussing what we're not discussing. Why does it matter? The fact is there are some punks who did a bad thing. As far as what were really not saying, it should be noted that the absolute reverse is true in the United Kingdom. Kids stealing jeans or soda vs """"other"""" and we all know who were not talking about by "other"… kids burglarizing homes. I mean crime is crime, wrong is wrong. Again I ask, what does it matter?

  21. Jay Martí-Boz

    What I love most about the FB age is that most people are no longer racist in private. They give out their names, locations, and in some cases home addresses. It's just more fun that way.

  22. Loren Tamasha Sayidana Bray

    EXACTLY!!! I really thought a flash mob distracted the people from the robbery by dancing while other people stole. That would have been hilarious. This was just a large group of teenagers with too much time on their hands.

  23. Joel N. Heuring

    They're poor, unemployed, and believe in one of Obama's principles: take from the rich and let the poor have it their way. Nice looking bunch of future democrats! I wonder how many of them still go to free public school. How many will graduate? How many of those that don't graduate will bitch about no jobs for black youth? Something more for Rev. Jackson to shout 'equality" and "profiling" about. He's cool!

  24. Michael MikeLew Lewis

    a white man kills 12 and injures 30 plus and your angry over some black kids stealing some jeans…get it together you guys!

  25. E Nikki Booker

    Three white kids. One in a white shirt, one in a grey shirt and the one he was with in the red hat. So Andre, 3 out 15 making white kids 1/5 of the kids committing a crime. And we assume we know the ethnicities of these kids, I'm sure we don't.

  26. E Nikki Booker

    So any ethnicity that is not white is black? You are an idiot!! I didn't see any black people killing 4/5 of the movie goers in Colorado or any Blacks raping young boys at Penn State.

  27. Brandi Cook

    He is racist, he's ignorant. These crimes aren't committed because they're black, it's due to a lack of education, stucture and socio-econimic status. Nice try though.

  28. Brandi Cook

    Yeah, when I heard about the Aurora shootings, I didn't have to see his mugshot. I knew.

  29. E Nikki Booker

    That is the problem you don't know what you see, you can't even count. According to you, you only saw one kid who was not brown. And according to you all brown people are "clearly African Negroids". Perhaps if you were not looking with your bias you could see that there were a rainbow of people breaking the law. Instead of trying to something more stereotypical than it already is, more generally teenagers behaving poorly. Mighty thankful you are not an eye witness, some how there would have only been Black kids in the store from your account.

  30. Andre Maurer

    If you are not able to see from the video that it is clearly the vast majority of the looters are of African origin, you are blind. Nobody here will dispute this fact. Try as hard as you want, you will not be able to pass them as "very very well tanned Latinos".

  31. Andre Maurer

    I'm surprised that you're even debating this issue. Rather than raising the usual liberal excuses, of racism, discrimination, profiling and more racism.

  32. E Nikki Booker

    I'm sure you are surprised being that you know so little. I already said there were kids breaking the law. We disagree about the numbers and ethnicity. You stated of saying 1 white, I counted 3 kids who looked white. I also said that you could not tell the ethnicity of all of the other kids. Check the video at the timebar at 1:13, white shirt, far left, walks down screen for the reminder of the video. White? No. Black? Doesn't look like it. You clearly know nothing of other races or ethnicities. I cannot look at every black, latino, caribbean, indian or asian person and accurately identify their ethnicity. However you seem to be able to and on that I scream BS!!!

  33. Anonymous

    Parents have just got to get more "unbusy" to monitor their own germinations! I did, so now what is the matter with this next generation? Seems like Chicago and Los Angeles, are the most popular Mecca spots for these kinds of kids! What is up? Bad parents-that's what!

  34. Leela Grant

    A flash mob (or flashmob)[1] is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression. This was just a mob.They had a very specific agenda.Not art.

  35. Anonymous

    IT IS MOR LIKELYTHAT THE YOUNG MOBSTERS ARE YOUNG DEMOCRATS PRACTISING TO BE DMOOCRATIC presidential candidates. they would fit in with the OSAMA OBAMA GROUP. have a nice day.

  36. Regina Jackson

    Wow-really?Not every black person is a thief.I worked retail in the suburbs for nearly 10yrs and we had a lot of shoplifters who were white,but I never would make a generalized statement that all white people steal.There is good & bad in every race-criminals aren't criminals because of their skin color.

  37. Andre Maurer

    Not really a question of too much time on their hands. This was a fairly well planned out operation. Look at how many people there are.

  38. Anonymous

    Luke Cho , get yourself a " street sweeper w/ a 30 round magazine "…then hang a sign in your window stating ;" Free Jeans noon to 1pm for Teen Mob Only "..when they show up…..Reduce the number of blacks on welfare.

  39. Jerry Walker Vaughan

    One out of ten isn't something to brag about Brandi

  40. Jerry Walker Vaughan

    How am I racist for stating the obvious??

  41. Linda Floyd

    Why don't they tag the items with the special bar code equipment that has to have a special tool to remove so when they head to the door it locks the door or sounds this obnoxious alarm..they all need to be arrested..serve jail time..this the mentality of our youth…you work hard and pay for items and then they come in and by intimidation and show of strength steal…

  42. Steven Nicolini

    I made my comment because I wanted to see what kind of reactions I could get. Call it stirring the pot and if you don't like it I don't care. As someone who has a half black great grandmother I would have been considered black back in the 1800's. Brandi you are right those crimes were not committed because they were black however the perpetrators of both crimes were black. I remember when flash mobs used to dance and cause a big scene. Now this is considered flash mobbing? Can't we just called it a bunch of criminals forming a gang and committing crimes? Denying that certain groups of people tend to commit certain types of crimes is just ignorant and naive. When someone goes into a movie theater and shoots people up we know that's a white dude. Kill people and keep them in your freezer, that's some white shit to do. Hot 97 in NYC has a morning show where they ask you to choose, white, black, or latino. You know why, because they're not afraid of trying to be a bunch of PC pussies and can recognize and laugh at our differences. Everyone wants to be outraged. I'm outraged Tracy Morgan, Dane Cook, Opie and Anthony, etc. Now publicly apologize and you should be fired.

  43. Deb Speelman

    The owner was on Laura Ingraham today. This hurt a FAMILY who put out their own money for the inventory these punks stole. This is the entitlement culture that liberals have fostered. I hope they're happy with the results.

  44. Deb Speelman

    When the government is "Daddy" this is what you get. No fathers or even mothers at home to teach morals and ethics, and God knows we can't teach that in school these days! This is the society we've created with this liberal experiment!

  45. Sam Rappa

    Thanks for the most generic comment of all time Regina. I'm sure someone out there with absolutely no fiber was touched by your after school special crap.

  46. Bellwether Nesingwary

    All parents (black or white) might want to try to do better. Nothing to do with politics Deb. Those kids are crooks and will pay for their crime. It's a shame to see stories like this.

  47. Bellwether Nesingwary

    There are plenty of countries where democratic rule doesn't prevail. Perhaps you can enjoy one of them and get the heck out. A majority of people voted and you lost. However, there are countries without freedom that share your fears.

  48. De'Lante Marquise Musa Aziz

    Jerry Walker Vaughan There is NOTHING obvious other than the fact that you're RACIST. you only wanted to see the black kids and not the other ones who were clearly white, latino, etc. They were NOT all "Black" don't assume it's only black kids who steal. ANYBODY can. Like Brandi said them being black has NOTHING to do with it because just as many White and Hispanics do the same crimes. It's lack of respect.

  49. De'Lante Marquise Musa Aziz

    Jerry Walker Vaughan There is NOTHING obvious other than the fact that you're RACIST. you only wanted to see the black kids and not the other ones who were clearly white, latino, etc. They were NOT all "Black" don't assume it's only black kids who steal. ANYBODY can. Like Brandi said them being black has NOTHING to do with it because just as many White and Hispanics do the same crimes. It's lack of respect.

  50. Regina Jackson

    It wasn't a generic comment-it was an accurate one.If you didn't agree with it you didn't have to comment.It's 2012 and people still want to say blacks are using the race card when they throw color around-what should we call it when others throw it around?

  51. Jay Martí-Boz

    I don't agree with him, but to suggest that because he doesn't subscribe to the popular racist opinion, doesn't make him any less his race or anymore any others. Apparently he has sense and enough to do with his life that he doesn't have to come online to show his ass like most of you guys here.

  52. Jay Martí-Boz

    Jerry, are you suggesting that 1 in 10 criminals are white? Yeah, I just thought I'd go ahead and mention the elephent in the room. Next year, when the UCR is complete, the Aurora shooter will go in the book as 1 white murderer. Any black murderer will go in that same book as 1 white murderer. Here is one problem with the statistics. Aurora type shootings are common and more often than not, the perps are white. Statistically, whites are 4 times more likley to commit murders that involve more than one victim. When the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) is complete, you'll notice that when you compare the number of victims and the number of number of victims with white killers and the number of actual perps arrested will be alarming. — More facts for you… In the categories of forcible rape, aggravated assault, larceny,car thef, arson, Violent crime, property crime, other assaults, forgery, embezlement, stolen property, vandalism, carrying weapons, sex offenses not including rape, drug abuse, gambling, offenses against family and children, DUI, Violation of liquor laws, Public Drunkeness (8 times)disorderly conduct, suspicion, and loitering whites make up nearly double and in about 40% of the cases, they make up triple and quadriple the amount of black offenders. In 2010, whites made up of 70% of those arrested. Blacks made up 28%. Ther are only about 5 or 6 categoreis that blacks and whites tied in and in no instance were whites lower than blacks. Statistically, whites commit more crime which is to be expected because of the size of the white population, however Most of the crimes black tie in are victimless. Murder is the worst, Out of 300 million people less than 0.09% are black criminals whereass 3% are white criminals. What is your point?

  53. Regina Jackson

    Wow-a racist comment from a white guy in Georgia,go figure.

  54. Jay Martí-Boz

    Dineen, I don't think anyone is saying that. However, to attach Obama to this is silly. Unless you also blame George W. for what happened on 911. Some people do, but I would sincerely hope that you do blame George W. at least so that your logic lines up.

  55. Negeen Behdad

    No…lol I didnt mean it like that. I would never be racist, I was just saying, with a huge group like that, its pretty suspicious. And I didnt actually mean lock the doors. I meant like keep a look out

  56. Regina Jackson

    My reply was actually for Dineen-I was not implying you were racist.

  57. Daniel Adams

    its getting to the point where most people dont like blacks because of this type of behavior. whites are sick of being victims of crime by blacks. That is why you have an incident like Trayvon Martin. Whites are trying to protect their neighborhoods from blacsk. Do you think whites go into black neighborhoods and break into houses and black businesses? I dont think so.Black crime is out of control against their own race and other races and people are sick of it, but they dont address it just keep looking the other way.

  58. Daniel Adams

    You are right about what you said, but if I say it I am a racist right? if Bill Cosby says it he is an Uncle Tom. I dont get it.

  59. Jay Martí-Boz

    Of course I know what it means, that's why I called you on your bullshit, bubba.

  60. Jerry Walker Vaughan

    Just kidding, I don't hang out with criminals!

  61. Daniel Adams

    Blacks are killing more than any race out there you dont what you are talking about. They kil more whites and blacks than anybody else. Per capita its not even close you are a fool. A few random killings by whites hardly pales in comparison to the amount of blacks being killed every day by blacks.

  62. Daniel Adams

    Jay Martí-Boz per capita is the point, whites are 48 percent of the population blacks are only about 13 percent base your stats on those numbers then come back and talk about the true numbers

  63. Jay Martí-Boz

    Daniel you just lied. Completely lied. Statistical data gathered by each and every police department in the entire country, shows that for the past 40 years, consistently 89% of whites are killed by white people while 93% of blacks are killed by black people. The other 11% of whites who are killed by people are other races are made up of a very small percentage of blacks. Last year, whites committed MORE murders than any other race and I am VERY familiar with the point of "per capita" but stop pretending like it's a black or white thing to do. In 2010. Whites made up about 69% of those arrested for crime. Blacks made up about 26%. Yes, 26% is high but not as high as you'd like the world to believe. Also statistically, blacks are 4 times more likely to be arrested than a white person for the same exact crimes. Not because the police are letting the whites go, but because of the lack of investigative efforts in white communities. Sociologically, whites have an advantage in society and therefore have a better chance at job opportunities and a better life… — You'll notice that the majority of white criminals are disadvantaged and poor or come from a poor background. There is a close link with poverty and criminality. Because there are more poverty stricken blacks per capita (and this is a direct result of the oppression placed on the black community by america) it isn't at all surprising that blacks would be overrepresented in the prison system. It's to be expected. You're talking about a race that was beaten and killed for wanting to learn not just 200 years ago. You're talking about a race that it was illegal for them to learn the same material as whites not even 50 years ago! You're talking about a race of people who have NO culture other than the one that they had to create for themselves because they were CUT OFF from their roots and given the names of their enslavers. There is no doubt in my mind that these FACTS would garner your sympathy, but you HAVE to understand that today's black community is the way it is because of the years of oppression and it still goes on. There are still blacks being denied jobs simply because of their race. I have watched this happen with my own eyes. White manager tells a black perspective employee that they are not hiring… then that same day a white perspective employee comes in for the same job and is told that they are hiring by the same manager. — These things happen every single day. A lot has changed since the 1950s but a lot hasn't changed. Don't be surprised that blacks are overrepresented in the prison system… — It is NOT their fault. THis is the society they live in. And I COMPLETELY believe in personal responsibility by you don't have the right to sit back and say… "Look at what these people do. This is their nature," because it's not. It's people like you who made it this way. So why complain?

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