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Dutch Field Hockey Team Dubbed Most Beautiful At 2012 London Olympics

most beautiful olympic team

The girls on the Dutch Field Hockey Team are working hard to win a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games, but they’ve already achieved an unofficial, but highly coveted, award: the most beautiful team at the Olympics.

Led by the beautiful Sophie Polkamp and Ellen Hoog, the Dutch team wowed field hockey fans yesterday with their orange and white uniforms, their athletic bodies, and yes, their talent.

The Dutch team trounced Belgium on Sunday for a 3-0 victory and took one step closer to another gold medal. Kim Lammers added two goals for the Dutch team and Caia Van Maasakker added another.

The Netherlands Olympic team will take on Japan on Tuesday for their second match of the 2012 London Olympics.

The Dutch team may be flattered, but they are hoping to leave London with more than just compliments.

The Dutch field hockey team won the gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and are hoping to do the same in London. Prior to their gold medal win in 2008, the Dutch team took silver in 2004, bronze in 2000, 1996, and 1988, and gold again in 1984.

Are you watching the field hockey tournament this year? Do you think the Dutch team will defend their gold medal?

dutch field hockey

dutch field hockey

field hockey

Some members of the team even model. Here’s a photo of striker Ellen Hook.

field hockey

Do you think the Dutch Field Hockey team is the most beautiful at the Olympics?

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49 Responses to “Dutch Field Hockey Team Dubbed Most Beautiful At 2012 London Olympics”

  1. Anonymous

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  2. Pueblo Yang

    yalls aints lying…. damn these girls are HOT HOT HOT….hahahahaha if you cant win the sport, at least look good TRYING… lol

  3. Pueblo Yang

    yalls aints lying…. damn these girls are HOT HOT HOT….hahahahaha if you cant win the sport, at least look good TRYING… lol

  4. Kim Aikens

    Well clearly, I'm trying to say that our standard for attractiveness favours typically white, blonde women. So, it's predictable that they would choose white Europeans as the "most attractive".

  5. William Winters

    Kim Aikens

    I didn't know there was a standard for attractiveness, whatever I find attractive I do so naturally. I find "modern art" hideous and am naturally repulsed by it. I find these Dutch women attractive and African or South American teams not so.

  6. Chris Dragoon

    SHUT UP KIM AIKENS. SHUT UP. Be a little more predictable that you are clearly jealous and frustrated by the fact no men find you attractive. shut. up.

  7. Kim Aikens

    Hahahaha. How is the response "omg you're jealous cause men don't like you" NOT predictable itself? I thought we were having a conversation here that didn't require a full frontal lobotomy to participate in. Nice try.

  8. Matthew Edward

    Hey Kim!

    I think I can help facilitate this discussion; the sooner we can transition to consensus building, the sooner we can all get back in the the olympic spirit!

    In my experience, which is admittedly quite limited, employing hyperbole when commenting in an internet forum tends to make you seem less credible. It is much more productive, for all parties involved, to support your opinions with fact. For example, the official women's roster for the field hockey team has 18 athletes. Of these 18 women, 10 (or 55%) are blonde. Your original statement ("they're all blonde") was clearly not true, and your sarcastic revision from "all" to "mostly" was still inaccurate. Although it is admittedly difficult to assign a quantitative value to the term "mostly", I probably would have gone with something like "about half." I don't mean to sound rude, but I do think your wild accusations invalidated your point to an extent, since it appears you did not do any research prior to offering your thoughts. As an HR manager, conflict resolution is something I facilitate on a regular basis; as part of our extensive professional development, we learned that speaking in hyperbole and generalizations is the manifestation of an irrational, emotional response, rather than one grounded in logic and reason (and supported by fact!)

    With regards to your concerns with bias, I completely agree! Bias is inherent, and unfortunately, I don't think it's possible to publish unbiased content in the media. We are all influenced by our environments; by our parents, friends, teachers, community members, news outlets, pop culture, etc., so even when we consciously try to avoid acting on our biases, every decision we make is grounded in where, who, and how we received our information since birth. We're all infected with bias; that is unavoidable. I am hopeful we, as a culture, can remedy this simply be being aware of our biases, and being open to getting information from a wide variety of sources in an attempt to gain a balanced perspective. In the example of this article, sure it has bias, but why is that a problem? I'm referring to your quote: "Well clearly, I'm trying to say that our standard for attractiveness favours typically white, blonde women. So, it's predictable that they would choose white Europeans as the "most attractive". Why would the author of the article write about a team NOT attractive by "our" standards? Of course the women will be attractive by our standards; if they weren't, the article would not be interesting to us. The Inquistr is a U.S. based news aggregator and picked this article up from Yahoo (another organization based in the U.S.). I don't think Yahoo is in the business of publishing content that Americans won't read, however I'm sure you could make an argument to the contrary, considering their slide from silicon valley dominance!

    Hope this helps! It looked like this thread was getting pretty contentious so I wanted to remind everyone the Olympics are about unity, not singling out a young, ill-informed girl who made a silly mistake.

    Go USA!

  9. Lisa Hawkings-Post

    Wow wouldn't it be nice if they could be admired for their SPORTS TECHNIQUE and not what they look like! Way to go to set feminism back a few years girls…cover your asses while playing

  10. Lisa Hawkings-Post

    Whoops that wasn't meant to post to my Facebook but I got so irritated while trying to find out the results for anth all I could get was articles on how to they apparently are and how they model in not a lot!! Gosh makes my blood boil I've had enough of seeing half the Olympic uk females undressed in the papers and online as well…can't they just be sports women and taken seriously for their talents not their damn bodies!

  11. Justin Clark

    Being half dutch myself this was already known to me and my fam.dutch are the best looking.and not much makeup needed.

  12. Kim Aikens

    Well… that was a book.
    55% is more than half, so I'd say mostly isn't too bad of a word for that. Anyway who cares, I was talking about bias based on ethnicity not hair colour specifically.
    Regarding your entire huge paragraph there, I'm criticizing the bias itself, not the specific article. The article just happens to be a great example.
    The thread is only getting contentious because people can't deal with me pointing out that the bias is there. To me it just seemed like I was stating the obvious.

  13. Pierre-luc Landry Desjardins

    Alright, I am getting a notification for every one of these and the start of the thread was a demand for sexy men.

    This argument is pointless and stupid, why? Well for starters, the Olympics, whose sole remaining argument for existing is world "peace" has a contest for sexiest woman's team…

    AND NOT A SEXY MAN TEAM! (no seriously, why the fuck is there a sexy category?)

    So stick a cock in it, shut up and then maybe we can all start to get a bong

  14. Kim Aikens

    Also you have to be kidding me, an irrational emotional response? This statement is being directed towards ME (just because I'm pointing out an obvious problem) and NOT the guy who's flipping shit at me for having an opinion? Wow talk about some obvious sexism there.
    Also you actually counted the number of blondes on the team? Weirdo. Just because I have a life doesn't make my opinions not grounded in observation. Sometimes there's a thing called pointing out an example, rather than thinking all facts HAVE to be a bunch of (in your case, it seems like pretty irrelevant ones) numbers you crunched. This isn't scientific research, it's media criticism. Wrap your brain around something that isn't one dimensional.

  15. Braden Shepherd

    Lisa Hawkings, you must have some issues about your self. To go onto a webpage made to show who the most beautiful female olympics team might be, and then talk crap about them for not only being beautiful but good enough at Field Hockey to be in the Olympics. Whats your issue? Are they gonna take away womens rights for being hot… Ya, set back years because the Dutch women are beautiful. What a joke!

  16. Claudia Thomas

    I'd challenge the assumption that the women's Dutch hockey team were the most beautiful at London 2012. Yes, they have a few attractive players – Sophie Polkamp; Ellen Hoog and Kitty van Male but for me, the most beautiful team were the Norwegian Handball team – Linn Jorum Sulland; Heidi Loke; Kari Mette Johansen and top of the shop, Amanda Kurtovic.

  17. Jack Mowbray

    I looked up your girl and honestly I think shes cute. Compared to Hoog and the other "blue Chippers" on the Dutch team though…..shes second string

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