Musicians could teach the music industry a lesson or two

While there is a lot of discussion going on in the music industry and their related trade groups on how best to keep screwing the consumer there are musicians that seem to have no problem making money in this new world of distribution. Trent Reznor while among the first to really publicize the different ways that musicians can utilize the web and the idea of free to earn a living he isn’t alone.

One other artist, one of my favorites, has found that even giving away a hit single for free has helped with the sale of that same single. The musician is Moby and as he pointed out in an email to Bob Lefsetz, a well known name in the music industry, the fact that he was giving the song away for free had turned into a chart topper.

How’s it going?
The album just came out and it would be #1 euro charts if not for michael jackson re-releases.
So that’s good.
But here’s something funny: the best selling itunes track is ‘shot in the back of the head’.
Why is that funny?
Because its the track we’ve been giving away for free for the last 2 months and that we’re still givng away for free.
How are you?

Way to go Moby.

hat tip to Techdirt and TorrentFreak