Selena Gomez

In 2016 Why Is ‘Selena Gomez Shows Some Cleavage’ A Headline?

Texan singer and actor Selena Gomez is currently in London after a whirlwind trip to Paris Fashion Week. Gomez popped into the BBC radio studios for a chat with Harry Styles pal Nick Grimshaw and as usual the paparazzi were out in force to capture snaps of the 23-year-old star. Gomez spent much of the day giving interviews to a number of radio stations and thereby afforded the press the opportunity to report on what she had to say. Sadly Selena’s visit also offered the U.K.’s gutter press the opportunity to reveal its true colors once again.

The Daily Mail, as is so often the case, takes the prize for the most crass headline about Gomez with their leader “Selena Gomez shows some cleavage in a plunging LBD as she rocks four different outfits in one day.” In a major feature in its showbiz section reported Joanna Crawley waxes lyrical about Gomez’s outfits and the fact that Selena did the rounds of the radio and TV stations. Much was said about Selena’s outfits but not one word was written about what Gomez had to say in any of the interviews.

It is 2016, are we really still living in a world where a young artist like Gomez has to put up with headlines that define her only in terms of how much cleavage she shows? The Mail does also comment that when attending another interview Selena wore a “high-necked top, splashed with a graphic design, with a navy and white skirt which featured a daring split in the centre.” I wonder why the Mail did not lead with the headline “Selena Gomez wears a high-necked top?”

Throughout the article on Gomez the Mail reporter uses terms like “Selena flashed her legs” before “showcasing a hint of cleavage.” Celebuzz joins in with the objectification of Gomez with their description of Selena’s style parade.

“Next, Gomez returned to her hotel and changed into a cleavage-baring black dress with blue embellishments while keeping on her trusty Celine heels for her appearance at the Captial FM radio station.”

It is perhaps surprising that both of the aforementioned reports were written by female reporters. Gomez is a successful and talented young woman, and that should be celebrated. Does it matter whether or not she wears a low-cut top? Surely in 2016 a young woman like Gomez should be able to dress exactly how she pleases without drawing comments that both sexualize and objectify her?

Refreshingly Capital FM makes no mention of Gomez’s attire in their piece on Selena’s interview. Instead they concentrate on what Selena had to say. On hearing that Tina Fey is planning to take Mean Girls to Broadway, Selena revealed that she would jump at the chance to be in the show. Selena even has an inkling as to who she would like to play in the show.

“Oh my gosh, that’s so cool! My childhood is coming to life! I love it! That would be fun! Of course I respect Broadway, I would never in am million years think I could do it but maybe one day! I’d like to be Regina George, I think that’d be fun!”

Selena’s visit to London was a fleeting one that featured a host of early morning interviews, but the early hour and cold weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of Gomez fans who gathered in their hundreds to catch a glimpse of the star.

One fan even managed to evade Selena’s security to give the star a hug and plant a kiss on her cheek in what surely must have been a frightening experience for Gomez.

[Photo by: KGC-201/STAR MAX/IPx/AP]