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‘Sesame Street’ Cast Rap Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Group Cancels Tour After Krayzie Bone Health Scare

YouTuber Adam Schleichkorn’s latest hip hop and Muppet mash-up features the characters of Sesame Street rapping Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s hit “Tha Crossroads.” Starring Grover as Bizzy Bone, Elmo as Layzie Bone, Cookie Monster as Krayzie Bone and Telly as Wish Bone. Adam says the video was “the toughest song choice” compared to his previous two: the Muppets singing the Beastie Boys’ “So What’cha Want” and Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance.”

“This was, by far, the toughest song choice out of all the mashups I’ve ever created, but it’s one of the best rap songs ever, so it had to be done” Schleichkorn wrote.

Peep the clip below.

Sesame Street is known for its educational children’s content communicated through Jim Henson’s Muppets. Bone Thug’s “Tha Crossroads” was inspired by the group’s rough upbringing on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, and witnessing loved ones die, with the hope of reuniting with them in the afterlife. The 1996 track is from their album E. 1999 Eternal and is dedicated to the group’s mentor, the late gangsta rap legend Eazy-E of N.W.A. The song is the highest-debuting rap single and their biggest selling single. The track won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group in 1997.

The group has cut short their tour of Canada after Krayzie Bone revealed the reason for the cancellation is because he’s battling sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease that attacks the lungs and lymph nodes of the chest, TMZ reports. Bone believes he suffered an “intense case of pneumonia” during the tour “due to his medication weakening his immune system.” It’s the same condition that led to the death of comic actor Bernie Mac in 2008, Billboard notes. Krayzie is set to return to L.A. for treatment. The cancelled dates are expected to be rescheduled once his doctor gives him the all clear to travel, according to the reports.

Krayzie tweeted, “Canada thank you for your support sorry I had to cut it short due to sickness but I will be back to make those dates up soon! Much love.”

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has four U.S. dates scheduled for the end of March, and their shows in Brazil next month. More gigs have not been canceled at this time.

Bone Thugs N Harmony has endured various artistic differences, personal issues and legal battles. Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone officially left the group in April 2011 to work with their independent label, but would later return until 2013 when Layzie Bone announced that he would be quitting to work on his solo career. All five original members reunited a year later when they announced a final world tour and the release of a final full-length studio album. Bone Thugs is the only group to have worked with all four deceased hip hop icons: 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Eazy-E and Big Pun while they were still alive.

Last year, Layzie Bone lashed out at Rolling Stone for ranking “Tha Crossroads” 97th on its list of 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs, but Bizzy Bone offered a different perspective of the list diss. He told HipHopDX that the groundbreaking track played a major role in sparking Bone Thugs’ recent reunion.

“I think it gave us room to have a second wind,” Bizzy Bone told HipHopDX. “I really think that it gives us the room to do the Aerosmith, Megadeth, Beatles, kind of hip-hop move. I think if we’re totally out of the game, I think then ‘Crossroads’ will surface.”

“Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, through all the pulling us apart, whatever the game people tried to play on our group, we beat that,” said Layzie. “So ‘Crossroads’ probably should have been first on that list.”

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony will join DJ Quik and Tha Doggpound, and more, for Australia’s “This Is Hip Hop” tour in May.

[Image courtesy Kathy Willens/AP Photo]