Momma dog Cora

Momma Dog Reunites With Her Puppies, Amazing Footage Goes Viral

A heartwarming video showing the moment a momma dog was reunited with her puppies has captured the hearts of millions of people across the globe. The footage of the moment was uploaded to Facebook on March 8 by the Marin Humane Society. After the footage went viral, they posted another, clearer version of the same footage which has now been viewed more than 5.2 million times by people around the world.

According to ABC News, the footage was caught on camera at the Marin Humane Society in Novato, California. In the original Facebook post, the Marin Humane Society revealed that the female dog was among two frightened dogs that were handed over to them by a person. Upon examining the female, they figured out that she had recently given birth and had puppies. The post read as follows.

“Yesterday, two frightened dogs were surrendered to us. Upon examining the female, we learned she recently had puppies. After some detective work and a lot of convincing, our team was able to get the person who surrendered the dogs to also surrender the puppies, as they still needed their momma and were not in a safe situation. We captured the moment when sad and scared mom got to see her puppies again. Tears of joy all around at this happy reunion.”

Here is the footage:

The subsequent post with the clearer footage read as follows.

“WOW! Our video of the momma and puppies who were reunited has gone viral! Eat your heart out Kim Kardashian – there’s nothing like the power of heartwarming stories about animals! Here’s a better version of the video. And thank you for supporting the Marin Humane Society!”

The staff at the center later figured that the name of the momma dog is “Cora.” They therefore decided to name all her puppies after other Downton Abbey characters. In an email statement to ABC News, Lisa Bloch, the director of marketing and communications at the Marin Humane Society confirmed the same. They also updated the same in a subsequent Facebook post.

“Our story about our Momma dog transformed after being reunited with her puppies has touched a lot of hearts so we wanted to give you an update. Momma and puppies are doing really well and since Mom was named Cora, we decided to name the puppies after Downton Abbey characters! Her three boys are Carson, Moseley and Branson and her girl is Edith. All will be available for adoption in a few weeks!”

Rescued puppies that were reunited
Thet rescued puppies that were reunited with their mother.

After the post went viral, they have been flooded with requests from people who wanted to adopt the momma dog and her puppies. Some others were left emotional after watching the video. One of the comments on the Facebook thread read as follows.

“This is one of the best videos I have ever seen. Heartwarming and beyond. This is what unconditional love is all about. A mother’s love and the happiness the little mother experienced when being reunited is wonderful. Her faith in humans has been restored and her joy is overwhelming. Who says dogs don’t remember. They remember everything. Her pups were so elated and obviously will thrive now that mom is back.”

Another comment wrote a positive message.

“Love the work you do, MHS! This reminds me of a scene in Cowspiracy where the newborn calf was taken from his mother–and she chased the van! One reason I don’t drink dairy. Happy to see a different outcome here, and that you went the distance for the reunion! All mamas love their babies.”

The momma dog and her puppies are still available for adoption. If you are interested in getting them, please visit the Marin Humane Society website’s adoption page here.

[Images Via Marin Humane Society Facebook Page]