Trump Footlong, A 3-Inch Hot Dog, Will Be Sold At Chicago

Trump Footlong, A 3-Inch Hot Dog, Will Be Sold At Chicago’s Wieners Circle This Weekend

The Trump Footlong is about to become a reality. In response to recent (possibly politically incorrect) Republican debate talk about the size of Donald Trump’s “package,” DNA Info reports that a very famous hot dog stand in Chicago, The Wieners Circle, will be selling the Trump Footlong hot dogs over the weekend, according to an announcement made Thursday. Unfortunately for former reality TV star Donald Trump, the Trump Footlong dogs aren’t actually a foot long. Indeed, the tiny little bun-fillers measure in at just three inches apiece. A manhood dig? Say it isn’t so.

The Wieners Circle stand at 2622 N. Clark St. and will be selling the promotional “footlongs” all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The micro hot dogs will be available in three different “bundles.” Interested patrons can choose from the Trump Footlong, a single three-inch hot dog; the Trump Package, which includes two of the little guys; or the Trump Super PAC, which comes with four Trump Footlong dogs, fries, and a drink.

The original Trump Footlong promotion was supposed to coincide with a scheduled Donald Trump rally planned for Friday at the UIC Pavillion. At the time the Trump Footlong story broke, plans were being made for the Trump protest which was being scheduled across the street from the Trump rally.

Apparently, though, Chicago protesters definitely got their message across to Donald Trump and his campaign. On Friday evening, CNN reported that the Trump campaign had announced the cancellation of the Chicago Trump rally, citing security concerns. The Trump campaign decided to postpone the event to a later date.

“Mr. Trump just arrived in Chicago and after meeting with law enforcement has determined that for the safety of all of the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight’s rally will be postponed to another date. Thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace.”

Reports indicate that “several fistfights” broke out between Donald Trump supporters and Donald Trump protesters after the announcement of the cancellation of the Chicago Trump rally. Law enforcement in the city are apparently working to “restore order.”

The folks at The Wieners Circle announced their plans to sell their Trump Footlong on their Facebook page on Thursday, calling the move “just for fun” and not “any kind of political statement.”

“We’ve got the best weekend deals. The other guys, they think they make deals. But we make DEALS. Really spectacular.”

According to management, they simply decided to latch onto the digs made about Trump by GOP competitor Marco Rubio.

While the Trump Footlong at The Wieners Circle has been the most highly publicized promotion running in conjunction with the (now-postponed) Donald Trump rally in Chicago, it’s definitely not the only one. According to reports, the Bedford Park brewery 5 Rabbit announced it would be releasing another batch of its highly popular “Ch*nga Tu Pelo” brew before the scheduled Donald Trump rally on Friday. The name of the beer, in English, translates to “f**k your hair.”

The 5 Rabbit beer hit the market in June of 2015, according to Good Beer Hunting, and it was created in direct response to the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

The brewery originally had an exclusive deal to create a “house beer,” which would be served only at Trump Tower in Chicago. However, when brewery owner Andres Araya, a Costa Rican who lived in both Mexico and the United States, heard Donald Trump’s disparaging words about Mexican immigrants, he decided to sever all ties with The Donald.

It remains to be seen whether the Trump Footlong promotion will be as successful as it is humorous, but internet buzz has been highly positive.

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